Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project


About CCAP

CCAP originated as a Chinese Canadian Legacy Initiative project, one of several B.C. government projects to commemorate the historical contributions of Chinese Canadians to the province. These projects are part of an official apology offered by the B.C. provincial government in 2014 for historical wrongs directed towards Chinese Canadians. Representing the provincial government, the Honourable Teresa Wat, Minister of International Trade and Minister Responsible for Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism, inaugurated the artifact project at the University of Victoria on April 30, 2015.Supported by the B.C. Museums Association, (Theresa MacKay, Executive Director), a UVIC research team (John Price, Project Director) partnered with 16 museums across the province to compile the database. UVIC’s Humanities Computing and Media Centre (Stewart Arneil and Martin Holmes) provided technical expertise and support to harmonize and enter the materials into the web-based, open-source archival repository ATOM (Access to Memory). The project team would also like to thank Hendrik Reitsma, our main UVic sysadmin throughout the project, and Jeff Albert, who built the new virtual machine with the upgraded AtoM. We would also thank Dan Gillean, AtoM Program Manager, for providing technical support and guidance. A special thanks to Anna Rambow of Cumberland Museum and Archives and Aimee Greenaway of Nanaimo Museum who piloted this project and without whom the project would not have been successful.

About AtoM

AtoM is a fully web based archival description application that is based on International Council on Archives (ICA) standards. AtoM is an acronymn for Access to Memory.

The ICA and its project collaborators are making this application available as open source software to provide archival institutions with a free and easy to use option for putting their archival collections online. See the about page to learn more about the AtoM project.

See the online documentation to learn more about using the software or press the browse button on the right to view some sample data.

AtoM is a collaborative project with the aim to provide the international archival community with a free, open source software application to manage archival descriptions in accord with ICA standards.

The goal is to provide an easy to use, multilingual application that is fully web based and will allow institutions to make their archival collections available online.