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Chilliwack Heritage Advisory Committee

  • Corporate body
  • August 25, 1980 - January, 1990

The Chilliwack Heritage Advisory Committee was constituted on August 25, 1980, by the Heritage Advisory Committee Establishment By-law, 1980, No.75 of the District of Chilliwack, pursuant to the Heritage Conservation Act of BC. Its constitution was revised as the Heritage Advisory Committee Establish Bylaw, 1987, No.982.

The committee was established as an independent body of five members, to make recommendations and to advise Counci on matters of a heritage nature. It participated in several projects for the maintenance of heritage buildings and development of sites of historical interest. One of its chief accomplishments was the identification of approximately 400 buildings or sites of heritage value.

In January, 1990, three of the five committee members resigned, signifying a break in continuity of the Committee's function.

Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society

  • Corporate body
  • 1957-

The Chilliwack Valley Historical Society was first organized in 1957 when the constitution was drawn up, with Oliver Wells elected president. According to the Minutes of the first general meeting of the Chilliwack Historical Society, April 10, 1957, Allan M. Guinet served as the chair. A draft constitution was presented, and it was moved by Oliver Wells, seconded by J.A. Barber that the proposed rules and constitution be adopted and confirmed. The chairman called for the election of trustees, with the following nominated and confirmed: Dr. Jack Barber, Oliver Wells, Allan M. Guinet, Mary Hickman, Jean MacNaughton, Richard Malloway, Ruth Goodall, Jack Davies, Mary Anderson, Alan Kirkby. In 1958, the first museum was located in the Nowell Street police station and in 1962 was moved to the old library. In 1971 a new wing of Evergreen Hall was completed and the museum and archives was moved in there and the museum was entitled the Wells Centennial Museum. In 1981, the society changed its name to the current Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society. That same year, the society received use of the old city hall on Spadina Avenue. After six years, the museum re-opened, leaving Evergreen Hall for the use of the archives as well as storage facilities for artifacts not on display at the museum. In 2011 the archival storage and research area in Evergreen Hall was expanded by 4000 square feet.

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