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  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_RG136
  • Fonds
  • 1911 - 1970

This collection consists primarily of various records of the Lee Chong Store, as well as some personal and mining related correspondence.

Box 1 – 13 Statements & Invoices 1925·-1924
Box 14 Misc. Receipts 1935-1942
Box 15 – 21 Correspondence Received 1927· ·1943 (Lee Chong)
Box 22 – 23 Correspondence Sent 1930 -1939 (Lee Chong)
Box 24 Stanley Lee Chong Store Records 1934
Box 25 Counter Slips 1933 - 1943
Box 26 - 29 Freight Bills 1926 - 1943
Box 30 – 32 Accounts Rendered 1931- 1943
Box 33 – 35 Banking Documents 1926 - 1943
Box 36 Misc. Orders & Statements of Accounts 1930’s
Box 37 Cash Resister Slips & Price Lists
Box 38 Counter Slips, Misc., Ephemera Etc.
Box 39 – 41 Lee Chong Day Books, Ledgers, and Notebooks
Box 42 Tax Documents & Oversize
Boxes 43 - 57 Counter Cheque Books 1927-1943
Box 58 Correspondence Personal & Mining 1927 - 1970
Box 59 Mining Related documents 1911-1943
One large map of Barkerville identifying buildings
9 Large Boxes - Untranslated Chinese Material.

Bill Hong (Wong Mon Hong)


  • Fonds
  • 1820 - 1967

This collection consists primarily of assorted Chinese papers

Box 1: books, Chinese dictionaries, and Chinese-English dictionaries
Box 2: books about herbs, ailments, Chinese opera, divination, abaci, gambling,history, letter writing, dictionaries, and novels
Box 3: receipts, invoices, correspondence, gambling accounts, prescriptions, Chinese lottery tickets, publications, statements of accounts for Lee Chong Co.
Box 4: a set of Kangxi dictionaries (incomplete)
Box 5: invoices, receipts, and a grocery list from 1890
Box 6: documents concerning Quesnelle Forks Chee Kung Tong
Box 7: Chinese documents and accounts books
Box 8: a Chinese scroll
Box 9: documents from Victoria's Chee Kung Tong, a cooking book, and a grocery store's inventory
Box 10: books on poetry and divination, and Chinese family letters to Barkerville
Box 11: receipts, invoices, a head tax certificate, a book of poetry, correspondence, a record of debtors, and a list of regulations about the share-holding of Lun W Co., Barkerville
Box 12: books, textbooks, photographs, and a list of donors and donations for fighting the Japanese in 1938-1939
Box 13: letters, a grocery list of Chinese herbs, bits and pieces of torn papers, etc.
Box 14.1: books on divination, Chinese opera, letter writing, herbs and medicine, a Chinese almanac, and a Chinese dictionary
Box 14.2: books on gambling, abaci, geography, and Jesus, a Chinese Directory of Vancouver Island, newspapers, and gambling slips
Box 15.1: receipts, correspondence, invoices, reports, account books, the Chee Kung Party, and a book on Guan Kung
Box 15.2: unclassified Chinese materials - bits and pieces of torn paper, etc
Box 16: invoices, correspondence, receipts, musical books for Chinese operas, and book covers
Box 17: accounts books for the Lee Chong Co. in Barkerville
Box 18: A book of Chinese herbs, donation receipts, lottery tickets, correspondence, Lee Chong Co. accounts, and a portrait of Dr. Alfred Sze
Box 19: Correspondence, Chee Kung Tong circulars, Chinese newspaper, and an account book of Tai Lee Mine
Box 20.1: Chee Kung Tong, contributions, and a 1918 Barkerville Chinese census
Box 20.2: Lee Chong Co. account books, children’s textbooks, and gambling records
Box 21: Chinese almanac, miscellaneous books, Chinese magazines, reports, and fundraising information


  • Fonds

A set of 37 rectangular-shaped, textile-backed game markers. Each item displays two Chinese characters in black ink.


  • Fonds
  • 1912 - 1977

File 2: paper fragments with Chinese characters.


  • Fonds
  • 1900 - 1920

Newspaper wallpaper samples from Kwong Sang Wing Co. in Barkerville.


  • Fonds

File 1: Chinese newspaper
File 2: textile pieces with hand-written Chinese characters
File 3: Chinese paper of various colours and markings


  • Fonds

Files 1-2: document with Chinese characters in red and black ink
File 3: label with Chinese characters in red ink
File 4: Wong Shun Tong documents
Files 5-8: Paper document with Chinese characters in red ink
File 9: Thomas Shotbolt Limited label for rheumatic pains
File 10: paper wrapper with red Chinese characters
File 11: paper document with black Chinese characters and red Chinese cartouches
File 12: Fung Sup Plaster wrapper
File 13: Yu Lee Plaster (No.2) packet
File 14: Chinese medical cake wrapper
File 15: Wong Shun Tong document
File 16: Segment of canvas; black wax seal on (red) front, red Chinese characters on (white) background.


  • Fonds
  • 1861 - 1971

Record group includes rubber stamps of Chinese characters, hand-written Kwong Lee & Co. bills from 1861–1862, immigration papers, "British Columbia Monthly"magazines, maps of the Cariboo district, books, pamphlets, and articles.


  • Fonds
  • 1878 - 1979

File 11: fragment of Chinese writing from Lee Chong Co.
File 12: Chinese documents


  • Fonds

Record group includes Chinese and English books with a child's handwriting, a Chinese atlas, a Chinese newspaper, receipts, and paper with Chinese characters.


  • Fonds

Record group includes two items: Chinese writing on six pieces of paper glued to a weathered board. The items are very similar in form.


  • Fonds
  • 1924 - 1955

Includes transcripts of conversations with Bill Hong, photographs of Lee Chong, reproduction wedding and family portraits, account books, receipts, immigration certificates, and a Victory Bonds certificate.


  • Fonds

One piece of paper depicting Chinese characters stamped in red ink along with company name in English (illegible).


  • Fonds

Includes Chinese White Pigeon Lottery game chits. Also includes reproductions of the White Pigeon Lottery chits and a memo from Greg Oleksiuk, dated September 27, 2000, explaining the lottery pieces.


  • Fonds

95 pieces of rice paper, each backed with card stock for durability (added after). Each piece has stamp-printed Chinese characters; some have handwritten Chinese writing on them and some have characters marked out by black or red ink. Also includes four white pidgeon lottery chits and a piece of light canvas with two Chinese characters. The canvas is very dirty.


  • Fonds
  • 1888

Includes an account book of the purchase of a building from one of the members for a Tai Ping Fong (Peace Room) at Keitheley Creek in 1888.


  • Fonds
  • 1888

Includes 33 chits with black Chinese characters used in the gambling game Zhi Hua.


  • Fonds

Boxes contain various paper items. Some items are reproductions, some are product packaging, some are original artifacts, and some are paper fragments.


  • Fonds
  • 13 April, 1903

An official Chinese Head Tax certificate dated April 13, 1903 and an envelope connected to Kwong Yee Jane & Co.


  • Fonds
  • 1931 - 1988

Originals and reproductions of China's Foreign Exchange Certificates.


  • Fonds

Assorted unidentified published and unpublished Chinese books.


  • Fonds
  • 16 Apr. 1883

BC Express Company receipts with Chinese writing on verso, dated April and May 1883.

Train Ticket for the E&N Railway

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.020.009
  • Item
  • 1930-12-25

This ticket allowed to buyer to travel from Royston to Union Bay B.C. on the E&N Railway; the price was 20 cents. Date: December, 25, 1930.

Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway