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Pièce CUMB_993.023.026 - Collection of Papers Relating to Chinese Miners

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Collection of Papers Relating to Chinese Miners

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  • Document textuel

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CA CUMB CUMB_993.023.026

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220.5 cm of textual records; 1 collection of papers; (A)1 book; paper cover; string binding; tan, black writing; (B) 1 book; paper cover; string binding; tan, black writing; (C-E)1 letter; 1 envelope; paper; off white; (F) 1 letter; paper; white, red and black writing; (G ) 1 letter; paper; blue; (H )1 booklet; soft cover; blue, pink; (I) 1 notebook; soft cover; red, black writing; (J) 1 letter; folded; tan, red and black writing; (K) 1 envelope; paper; white, blue and black writing; 2 letters ; paper; white, red lines, black writing; (L) 1 letter; 1 envelope; paper; white, tan, red, black writing; (M) tan, black writing; (O) 1 pamphlet; paper; white, red; 1 book; paper cover; string binding; red, tan, black.

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Chung Hing Leong

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Bank of Canada

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One of the letters and two small textbooks from this display (a &b) are in the Chinese display at the Cumberland Museum and Archives.

Présentation du contenu

This collection of papers relates to Chinese miners in Cumberland B.C. Letter G is a by air mail letter to Mr. Mah Done elik in Cumberland B.C. from Wong Sue Chong in Hong Kong. Letters C-E are from the Bank of Canada (New York Agency 40 Wall Street) and are addressed to Chung Hing Leong. Two of the books in this collection are textbooks.

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GRAHAM, ANN 1993-06-09


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From right to left, the Items that are displayed standing:
1. The page in display was an advertisement for Guangwansheng Grocery and Herb Store located in Vancouver. The goods advertised on this page included seasoning (top), cough relief medicine (right bottom), kidney tonic medicine (left bottom).
2. A book titled Za Zhi (A Collection of Characters). It was a traditional textbook used to teach children reading.
3. Family correspondences.
4. A new edition of a book titled Youxue Xinzha. It was a textbook used to teach children reading and writing (formal letters in particular), commonly used in the periods of late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China.
5. A math textbook, probably for children. The two pages in display are part of a multiplication table.

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5.3 MiB


4 octobre 2015 12:42

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