Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project

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Horn, Shoe

CA KMS KMS_CC-977-927-001

Figurine, Group

CA KMS KMS_E-992-014-002a-h


CA KMS KMS_E-988-016-002


CA KMS KMS_E-988-016-004

Black Robe

CA SMA SMA_015.015.002


CA LYTT LYTT_2000.13.04

Ink Block Box

CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.02

Ho Hsien-Ko Statue

CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.03

Flat Iron

CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.09

Dowry Dishes

CA LYTT LYTT_2013.09

Spoon, Soup

CA KMS KMS_DG-977-450-001

Carrying Case

CA KMS KMS_E-985-015-002


CA KMS KMS_DG-979-246-011

Pen and ink rear view of the old building near Fraser Valley Frosted Foods

CA CHL CHL_008049

Hell Bank Notes -Ceremonial Monies

CA CUMB CUMB_985.045.001

Lai Yuen Bill from 1914

CA CUMB CUMB_986.035.016

Tiger Balm Label

CA CUMB CUMB_995.027.008

Chinese School book

CA CUMB CUMB_995.050.002

Wall Hanging Calendar from "Leung's Grocery Ltd."

CA CUMB CUMB_998.019.001

Book of Songs

CA CUMB CUMB_982.084.007

Chinese Bible from The Christian Literature Society for China

CA CUMB CUMB_991.025.013

Envelope with Seal for Medicinal Herbs

CA CUMB CUMB_995.027.016

Calligraphy Scroll with Poem

CA CUMB CUMB_980.526

Calligraphy Scroll

CA CUMB CUMB_982.092.004

Calligraphy Scroll for a New Business by Artist Lu Wei Qing

CA CUMB CUMB_982.092.005

container, food preparation

CA YHS YHS_984.35.1a-b-c

bowl, decorative

CA YHS YHS_982.40.5

bowl, eating

CA YHS YHS_982.15.5

container, food preparation

CA YHS YHS_982.49.5

bowl, eating

CA YHS YHS_982.40.3

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