Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project

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Small Green Dish

CA CUMB CUMB_2012.002.001

Small Dish with Painting of a Young Girl

CA CUMB CUMB_2012.006.001

Small Chinese Coin

CA CUMB CUMB_2013.009.008

Field Worker Hat

CA CUMB CUMB_2013.051.001

Two Vases with Floral Designs and Gold Leaf, Presented to the Cumberland Masons Society

CA CUMB CUMB_2013.080.001

Woven Grass Fan

CA CUMB CUMB_2013.155.001

Clay Pot

CA CUMB CUMB_981.272

Patterned Clay Container

CA CUMB CUMB_981.273.023

Blue Container with Floral Design

CA CUMB CUMB_983.092.065

White Abacus Bead

CA CUMB CUMB_983.092.160

Condiment Container with Handles

CA CUMB CUMB_984.010.030

Condiment Dish from Chinatown, Cumberland B.C.

CA CUMB CUMB_985.007.005

Brass Scoop

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.007

Carved Mac with Bat and Dragon Designs

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.014

Woven Basket with Tassels and Beads

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.048

Stone with Carved Figurine

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.051

Hardwood Block Drum

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.052

Ink Bowl

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.068

Jug with Pouring Spout from ''Lovatt and Lovatt Ltd.''

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.081

''Bourne Denby'' Jug with Pouring Spout

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.083

Soya Sauce Jug with Cross and Double Atlas

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.104

Glazed Soya Sauce Jug

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.119

Large Dark Brown Storage Pot

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.144

Tan Jug with Handle

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.149

White China Tea Cups with Chinese Symbols

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.246

Glazed Pottery Dish with Floral Designs

CA CUMB CUMB_993.023.040

White China Bowl with Blue Floral Pattern

CA CUMB CUMB_993.023.088

Whiskey Bottle

CA CUMB CUMB_998.048.007

Blue and Brown Pot

CA CUMB CUMB_998.048.016

Green Ashtray

CA CUMB CUMB_984.010.002

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