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Binding Slippers (Royalty)

CA CUMB CUMB_995.088.001

Bing Que Wong in front of what is now known as the Kwong Sang Wing Store in Barkerville; circa 1930.

CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_PHO1065

Biscuit Tin (Merchandising T&E)

CA NAN NAN_1991.073.006 (a-b)

Biscuit Tin (Merchandising T&E)

CA NAN NAN_1991.073.005 (a-b)

Biscuit Tin (Merchandising T&E)

CA NAN NAN_1991.073.008 (a-b)

Biscuit Tin (Merchandising T&E)

CA NAN NAN_1991.073.007 (a-b)

Black Columbia Record Box

CA CUMB CUMB_2007.025.001

Black Pot

CA CUMB CUMB_998.048.006

Black Pottery Container

CA CUMB CUMB_980.150

Black Robe

CA SMA SMA_015.015.002

Black Wooden Chinese ''Go'' Game Box

CA CUMB CUMB_2007.027.015

Blank Practice Scribbler

CA CUMB CUMB_985.041.002

Block, Chopping

CA KMS KMS_DC-980-060-001


CA CVM CVM_012.80.2


CA CVM CVM_012.80.3


CA CVM CVM_012.80.4

Blue Bowl

CA CUMB CUMB_2007.027.074

Blue Bowl

CA CUMB CUMB_2007.027.073

Blue Container with Floral Design

CA CUMB CUMB_983.092.065

Blue Glass Bead

CA CUMB CUMB_993.023.034

Blue Ink Pad Container from Cumberland B.C.

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.027

Blue Opium Lamp, Found at Chinatown, Cumberland, B.C.

CA CUMB CUMB_991.046.001

Blue and Brown Pot

CA CUMB CUMB_998.048.016

Boar Bones

CA LYTT LYTT_2005.11.02

Boarded up Building in Chinatown, Cumberland B.C.

CA CUMB CUMB_982.020.110


CA YHS YHS_983.18.1


CA Barkerville Historic Town RG137-1980.0292.0001


Book Teaching Confucian Ideology to Youth

CA CUMB CUMB_2007.027.027

Book of Songs

CA CUMB CUMB_982.084.007

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