Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project

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Cooking Utensil

CA CUMB CUMB_2007.013.003

Straw Hat

CA CUMB CUMB_2007.013.001

Chinese Sword of Prosperity, Made of Chinese Coins

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.042

Coconut Shell and Bamboo Ladle

CA CUMB CUMB_992.014.003

Chopping Knife (Cleaver)

CA CUMB CUMB_990.051.001

Brass Soup Ladle

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.038

Brass Soup Ladle

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.037

Brass Soup Ladle

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.036

Brass Dragon Dust Broom

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.005

Dragon and Tiger Dust Pan

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.004

Brass Spoon

CA CUMB CUMB_984.010.017

Steel Spatula

CA CUMB CUMB_984.010.015

Brass Ladle from Chinatown, Cumberland B.C.

CA CUMB CUMB_983.140.002


CA CUMB CUMB_981.358

Brass Ladle with Broken Handle

CA CUMB CUMB_981.292.003

Knife with Wooden Handle

CA CUMB CUMB_981.273.012

Wooden bowl

CA CUMB CUMB_980.911

Pair of Wooden Chopsticks with Floral Design

CA CUMB CUMB_2012.009.001

Brass Ladle

CA CUMB CUMB_2007.013.002

Ink Tablet

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.022

Feather Fan

CA CUMB CUMB_993.023.065

Bamboo Brush/Pen

CA CUMB CUMB_993.023.028

Hand Fan

CA CUMB CUMB_991.025.012

Paper Hand Fan

CA CUMB CUMB_991.025.011

Ink stone stand

CA CUMB CUMB_986.010.024

Ink Brush with Cap from Victoria B.C.

CA CUMB CUMB_982.084.005

Ink Bowl, Stick, and Stone

CA CUMB CUMB_982.084.003

Tong Society Stone Carved Seal

CA CUMB CUMB_982.032.005

Stamp From Lei Yuen Co. Union Mine

CA CUMB CUMB_982.032.003

Wong Yen's Personal Seal

CA CUMB CUMB_982.032.002

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