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Chad Reimer fonds

  • CA CHL CHL_2010.012
  • Fonds
  • 2009-2011

The fonds consists of the manuscript, published book and research series of files for the publication entitled "Chilliwack's Chinatowns: A History", by Chad Reimer, PhD. The manuscript was published by the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia and the Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies at the Univerisity of British Columbia in 2011.

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Wan Quong fonds

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084
  • Fonds

fonds consists of untranslated letters written in Chinese location of sender is unknown. Receipts and menus connected to city park café the Quong family business. Ticket and travel documents for Wan Quong from China to Victoria. A 1949 journal written in untranslated Chinese. A 1945-1946 Chinese directory of Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon, Trail, Nelson and Cranbrook B.C.


  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_RG136
  • Fonds
  • 1911 - 1970

This collection consists primarily of various records of the Lee Chong Store, as well as some personal and mining related correspondence.

Box 1 – 13 Statements & Invoices 1925·-1924
Box 14 Misc. Receipts 1935-1942
Box 15 – 21 Correspondence Received 1927· ·1943 (Lee Chong)
Box 22 – 23 Correspondence Sent 1930 -1939 (Lee Chong)
Box 24 Stanley Lee Chong Store Records 1934
Box 25 Counter Slips 1933 - 1943
Box 26 - 29 Freight Bills 1926 - 1943
Box 30 – 32 Accounts Rendered 1931- 1943
Box 33 – 35 Banking Documents 1926 - 1943
Box 36 Misc. Orders & Statements of Accounts 1930’s
Box 37 Cash Resister Slips & Price Lists
Box 38 Counter Slips, Misc., Ephemera Etc.
Box 39 – 41 Lee Chong Day Books, Ledgers, and Notebooks
Box 42 Tax Documents & Oversize
Boxes 43 - 57 Counter Cheque Books 1927-1943
Box 58 Correspondence Personal & Mining 1927 - 1970
Box 59 Mining Related documents 1911-1943
One large map of Barkerville identifying buildings
9 Large Boxes - Untranslated Chinese Material.

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  • Fonds

Files 1-2: document with Chinese characters in red and black ink
File 3: label with Chinese characters in red ink
File 4: Wong Shun Tong documents
Files 5-8: Paper document with Chinese characters in red ink
File 9: Thomas Shotbolt Limited label for rheumatic pains
File 10: paper wrapper with red Chinese characters
File 11: paper document with black Chinese characters and red Chinese cartouches
File 12: Fung Sup Plaster wrapper
File 13: Yu Lee Plaster (No.2) packet
File 14: Chinese medical cake wrapper
File 15: Wong Shun Tong document
File 16: Segment of canvas; black wax seal on (red) front, red Chinese characters on (white) background.


  • Fonds

Record group includes Chinese and English books with a child's handwriting, a Chinese atlas, a Chinese newspaper, receipts, and paper with Chinese characters.


  • Fonds

Includes Chinese White Pigeon Lottery game chits. Also includes reproductions of the White Pigeon Lottery chits and a memo from Greg Oleksiuk, dated September 27, 2000, explaining the lottery pieces.


  • Fonds
  • 1888

Includes an account book of the purchase of a building from one of the members for a Tai Ping Fong (Peace Room) at Keitheley Creek in 1888.


  • Fonds
  • 16 Apr. 1883

BC Express Company receipts with Chinese writing on verso, dated April and May 1883.


  • Fonds

Record group includes two items: Chinese writing on six pieces of paper glued to a weathered board. The items are very similar in form.


  • Fonds

One piece of paper depicting Chinese characters stamped in red ink along with company name in English (illegible).

Chilliwack Heritage Advisory Committee fonds

  • CA CHL CHL_Add. Mss. 815
  • Fonds
  • 1981-1990

The fonds consists of files of buildings of historical significance, subject files, an essay entitled: "Chinatown - Chilliwack" on the history of the Chinese community in Chilliwack, and a map of Chilliwack showing settlement pattern, 1868-1880.

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  • Fonds
  • 1912 - 1977

File 2: paper fragments with Chinese characters.


  • Fonds
  • 1900 - 1920

Newspaper wallpaper samples from Kwong Sang Wing Co. in Barkerville.


  • Fonds
  • 1861 - 1971

Record group includes rubber stamps of Chinese characters, hand-written Kwong Lee & Co. bills from 1861–1862, immigration papers, "British Columbia Monthly"magazines, maps of the Cariboo district, books, pamphlets, and articles.


  • Fonds
  • 1878 - 1979

File 11: fragment of Chinese writing from Lee Chong Co.
File 12: Chinese documents


  • Fonds

Boxes contain various paper items. Some items are reproductions, some are product packaging, some are original artifacts, and some are paper fragments.


  • Fonds
  • 1931 - 1988

Originals and reproductions of China's Foreign Exchange Certificates.


  • Fonds

Assorted unidentified published and unpublished Chinese books.

Higginson family fonds

  • CA CHL CHL_ Add. Mss 866
  • Fonds
  • 1879 - 1932

The fonds consists of plans, surveyor's notes, title deeds, a contract between James A. Higginson and Huey Chung, a Chinese labourer on the Higginson farm, for use of a portion of the north-east corner comprising twenty-six acres, receipts for sales of produce, and a share certificate for five shares in the Sardis Community Hall Company Limited, Numbers 202 to 206 inclusive, dated May 25, 1922.

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  • Fonds
  • 1820 - 1967

This collection consists primarily of assorted Chinese papers

Box 1: books, Chinese dictionaries, and Chinese-English dictionaries
Box 2: books about herbs, ailments, Chinese opera, divination, abaci, gambling,history, letter writing, dictionaries, and novels
Box 3: receipts, invoices, correspondence, gambling accounts, prescriptions, Chinese lottery tickets, publications, statements of accounts for Lee Chong Co.
Box 4: a set of Kangxi dictionaries (incomplete)
Box 5: invoices, receipts, and a grocery list from 1890
Box 6: documents concerning Quesnelle Forks Chee Kung Tong
Box 7: Chinese documents and accounts books
Box 8: a Chinese scroll
Box 9: documents from Victoria's Chee Kung Tong, a cooking book, and a grocery store's inventory
Box 10: books on poetry and divination, and Chinese family letters to Barkerville
Box 11: receipts, invoices, a head tax certificate, a book of poetry, correspondence, a record of debtors, and a list of regulations about the share-holding of Lun W Co., Barkerville
Box 12: books, textbooks, photographs, and a list of donors and donations for fighting the Japanese in 1938-1939
Box 13: letters, a grocery list of Chinese herbs, bits and pieces of torn papers, etc.
Box 14.1: books on divination, Chinese opera, letter writing, herbs and medicine, a Chinese almanac, and a Chinese dictionary
Box 14.2: books on gambling, abaci, geography, and Jesus, a Chinese Directory of Vancouver Island, newspapers, and gambling slips
Box 15.1: receipts, correspondence, invoices, reports, account books, the Chee Kung Party, and a book on Guan Kung
Box 15.2: unclassified Chinese materials - bits and pieces of torn paper, etc
Box 16: invoices, correspondence, receipts, musical books for Chinese operas, and book covers
Box 17: accounts books for the Lee Chong Co. in Barkerville
Box 18: A book of Chinese herbs, donation receipts, lottery tickets, correspondence, Lee Chong Co. accounts, and a portrait of Dr. Alfred Sze
Box 19: Correspondence, Chee Kung Tong circulars, Chinese newspaper, and an account book of Tai Lee Mine
Box 20.1: Chee Kung Tong, contributions, and a 1918 Barkerville Chinese census
Box 20.2: Lee Chong Co. account books, children’s textbooks, and gambling records
Box 21: Chinese almanac, miscellaneous books, Chinese magazines, reports, and fundraising information


  • Fonds

A set of 37 rectangular-shaped, textile-backed game markers. Each item displays two Chinese characters in black ink.


  • Fonds

File 1: Chinese newspaper
File 2: textile pieces with hand-written Chinese characters
File 3: Chinese paper of various colours and markings


  • Fonds
  • 1924 - 1955

Includes transcripts of conversations with Bill Hong, photographs of Lee Chong, reproduction wedding and family portraits, account books, receipts, immigration certificates, and a Victory Bonds certificate.


  • Fonds

95 pieces of rice paper, each backed with card stock for durability (added after). Each piece has stamp-printed Chinese characters; some have handwritten Chinese writing on them and some have characters marked out by black or red ink. Also includes four white pidgeon lottery chits and a piece of light canvas with two Chinese characters. The canvas is very dirty.


  • Fonds
  • 1888

Includes 33 chits with black Chinese characters used in the gambling game Zhi Hua.

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