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Paper, Chinese

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_2007.0051.4396
  • Pièce

Rectangular piece of brown paper covered with an off white tissue paper. Three pieces of tissue paper covers one side only, it is folded over on back and glued along the back edges. Front, centre of tissue paper is a red design of flowers and chin...

Shrine, religious

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_2007.0051.1277
  • Pièce

Shrine of the kitchen god. Wooden shrine painted dark brown. Rectangular in shape with a peaked roof. Four boards of shrine on front are painted red with black Chinese characters inscribed on it. PH2 2007

Empress and Western Ladies

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.31.01
  • Pièce

Framed print - original photo c1903 Dowager Empress Tz'u - hsi, seated, with delegation of western ladies: Mrs. Evans, wife of American Minister to Peking; Mrs. Conger, wife of American Admiral and Miss Carl, portrait painter.


  • CA CVM CVM_984.41.28
  • Pièce

A 12-page, 12-month 1975 calendar from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. It consists of a single, rectangular sheet with the smaller, individual calendar pages, attached near the bottom of the sheet. Occupying most of the sheet is a copy o...


  • CA YHS YHS_995.4.22
  • Pièce

Chinese coin with square hole in middle


  • CA CVM CVM_991.72.14
  • Pièce

A large paperback Chinese almanac written in Chinese except for some pages which have many English words. The pages are bound with thread or string which literally has sewn the pages together. Over the spine and binding a red tape has been applie...

''Po Sam On Oil'' Box

  • CA CUMB CUMB_995.027.003
  • Pièce

This box once contained “Po Sum On” oil. There are a set of instructions inside of the box.


  • CA CVM CVM_998.17.8
  • Pièce

A light bronze or metal, round coin with a small square hole in the middle. It has a plain border around the edges with Chinese characters between the border and hole.


  • CA CVM CVM_998.17.7
  • Pièce

A light bronze or metal, round coin with a small square hole in the middle. It has a plain border around the edges with Chinese characters between the border and hole.

Holder, Letter

  • CA KMS KMS_DC-975-023-002
  • Pièce

The main body of this object is a flat rectangular piece of metal that is presumably aluminum. All the edges have been folded over creating a type of border. At the top of the object the top two corners have been cut off at angles. There is a hole...

Collection of Papers Relating to Chinese Miners

  • CA CUMB CUMB_993.023.026
  • Pièce

This collection of papers relates to Chinese miners in Cumberland B.C. Letter G is a by air mail letter to Mr. Mah Done elik in Cumberland B.C. from Wong Sue Chong in Hong Kong. Letters C-E are from the Bank of Canada (New York Agency 40 Wall Stre...

Chung Hing Leong


  • CA KMS KMS_DE-977-746-001
  • Pièce

The top main legs of the object are long rectangular boards of wood which make up the sides and legs of the object. At the bottom of these rectangles in the center a triangle has been cut out of the wood creating two feet on each side. Just above ...

Piece, Calendar

  • CA KMS KMS_DC-974-057-002a-c
  • Pièce

This calendar cards are made of a very thin and pliable wooden material. They are rectangular in shape and each corner has been cut off at an angle. Both sides of these pieces have been painted with an orange and blue border and yellow background....

Newspaper Clipping from Chinese Newspaper

  • CA KMS KMS_2015.051.003
  • Pièce

Newspaper clipping from a Chinese paper with Chinese text on the front under the photograph and on the back of the clipping. The picture is of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, founder of the Chinese Nationalist Party and the first president of the Republic of China.


  • CA SMA SMA_976. .245
  • Pièce

Cylindrical tin container with printed paper label covering with cellophane (yellowed) over it. Papaer seals on base and top. Paper wrappers have been cut around the side of the container. Label has Chinese writing and Chinese/Japanese illustratio...

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