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  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-001
  • Pièce

1 Silk Jacket or Pay Fung. Basic silver thread design with embroidered flowers in gold, deep blue and green.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-006A
  • Pièce

1 5 piece General's Costume. Pink silk with satin decorate sequins. Includes shirt, skirt, 2 overskirts and a belt.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-006C
  • Pièce

.Pink silk with satin decorate sequins. Includes shirt, skirt, 2 overskirts and a belt.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-007
  • Pièce

1 purple silk skirt, heavily pleated with snap fasteners. Brightly coloured silk thread floral design embroidery.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-011B
  • Pièce

Apron from Dai kow General's Costume. Apron is pale green with steel blue, pink, purple, green and gold floral sequin pattern. Pattern is accented with glass tube beads, in same colours.Attached to bottom of Apron are lace tassels. Tassels ar...


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-011D
  • Pièce

1 five piece DAI KOW General's Costume.Belt green silk with blue/gold, red/purple and silver/green sequins. Also includes pale blue glass beads and silk tassels. Costume includes: collar, wrap around skirt, shield, paneled apron, and matching...


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-015B
  • Pièce

1 yellow tassel for Headdress, general's, male role.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-016A
  • Pièce

1 Tassel for Headdress, female role.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-017
  • Pièce

1 General's Headdress, male role. Blue and light turquoise silk over heavy paper frame. Thin silver, metal edging. Turquoise pom poms, large synthetic pearls.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-025
  • Pièce

1 Scholar's Hat. Turquoise silk covered paper form. Decorated with silver sequins, bronze and green beads, orange silk plume and long streamer on either side (1 torn with end missing).


  • CA KMS KMS_E-975-013-001
  • Pièce

1 pre-Manchu style woman's coat, c. 1875. Dark blue silk, with embroidered bats and flowers in lighter blues. Turquoise silk brocade lining.

Photograph of a Chinese Community Float

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084.007
  • Pièce

Photograph of the Chinese community float in a parade along Bernard Avenue. This is possibly the coronation procession. The float is decorated with banners, decorative fabric panels, British and Canadian flags, and a small structure. A sign on the...

Photograph of City Park Café

  • CA KMS KMS_1978.002.001
  • Pièce

Photograph of the exterior view of the City Park Café located at Abbott Street and Harvey Avenue, Kelowna.

Group Photograph of the Kuo Min Tang Kelowna Members

  • CA KMS KMS_1978.002.003
  • Pièce

Group photograph of the Kuo Min Tang Chinese Nationalist Party, Kelowna. Most names of the people in the photgraph are unidentified. Identified in the second row from left to right are Wong Lone-Koy, Cheng Yue-sung, ?, ?, Kwan Jim-Ngo.

Menu and Program for Lee Bon Farewell Supper

  • CA KMS KMS_2015.051.002
  • Pièce

This is a menu and program for the Lee Bon Farewell Supper that was held on Tuesday, February 25th, 1947 at 6:30pm at the Royal Anne Hotel in Kelowna B.C. On the inside of the front cover is the Menu and names of the Commitees for planning the eve...

Chinese Almanac

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-492
  • Pièce

A Chinese Almanac published c. 1945 titled "Book of Calendar". This book is written in Chinese and bound down the spine with string.

Chinese Books - Romance of East-West Han Dynasty

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-462a-d
  • Pièce

Publsished by Tai-Seng Bookstore in Shanghai in the Spring of 1922. The books are titled 'Romance of East-West Han Dynasty' a popular four-volume novel about the Royal Families of the Han Dynasty. Written in Chinese this series of novels...

Chinese Almanac

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-494
  • Pièce

Published by Ng Kwai Tong bookstore in Hong Kong this book is titled 'Book of Calendar'. It is a 1959 Almanac written in Chinese with a string binding down its side.

Monthly Periodical by Chinese Nationalist Party

  • CA KMS KMS_MS-985-001-276
  • Pièce

Monthly periodical published by the Chinese Nationalist Party, which is overwritten with verse in a style called 'Singing the Book'. Two such pieces are written over, Tin-lai's appeal to the Royal Court and a Folk-tale, written in C...

Chinese Newspaper - Nan Long Monthly

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-479
  • Pièce

Published by Foo-Sing Publisher in China in July 1929 this book it titled "Nan Long Monthly". A local newspaper for the Nanlong area. Written in Chinese and bound with paper down the spine.

Piece, Calendar

  • CA KMS KMS_DC-974-057-003a-b
  • Pièce

This calendar cards are made of a very thin and pliable wooden material. They are rectangular in shape and each corner has been cut off at an angle. Both sides of these pieces have been painted with an olive green, blue, and orange border. In the ...

Holder, Letter

  • CA KMS KMS_DC-975-023-002
  • Pièce

The main body of this object is a flat rectangular piece of metal that is presumably aluminum. All the edges have been folded over creating a type of border. At the top of the object the top two corners have been cut off at angles. There is a hole...


  • CA KMS KMS_DE-977-746-001
  • Pièce

The top main legs of the object are long rectangular boards of wood which make up the sides and legs of the object. At the bottom of these rectangles in the center a triangle has been cut out of the wood creating two feet on each side. Just above ...

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