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Bowl fragment

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1988.87.51
  • Item

Bowl fragment. It is blue on grey and has a blue back, Chinese style.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.384.1
  • Item

Hardcover book titled "Chinese Birthday, Wedding, Funeral and Other Customs" by Mrs. J. G. Cormack, La Librairie Francaise, Peking & Tientsin. Printed by The Commercial Press, Peking Branch Works. 1923. 209 pages. Blue cover with tit...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.1044.13
  • Item

Tiger Whiskey pot. This is green pottery from the 1890-1910 period. Found in the soil beneath the Burr (Columbia) Theatre.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2012.20.9
  • Item

Platinum-coloured cheongsam dress (short sleeved Chinese silk) with embroidery of baskets and tree branches with pale blue and pale coral. Also has maroon accents on the edge and collar. Appears to be unused. On May 17, 2012, the donor relayed t...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2012.20.4
  • Item

Contents of sewing machine (IH2012.20.2a-b) which was found of IH2012.20.1b, a sewing machine drawer. Consists of a variety of unused buttons and toggles mounted on card. From a Chinese-Canadian family.

Fabric remnants

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2012.20.6
  • Item

Contents of IH2012.20.1C, a sewing machine drawer (from the donation of a sewing machine, IH2012.20.2a-b). Consists of a variety of salvaged and incomplete fabric pieces. From a Chinese-Canadian family.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.1451.1A-D
  • Item

Chinese opium scales. It comes with an ivory bar for measuring weights, a plate with four strings and an oval weight with black string.

Archival material

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.2947
  • Item

Photographs of the Chinese Benevolent Society drill team and a banner for the Chinese Benevolent Society.

Transom window

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1980.30.30A-B
  • Item

Natural wood transom windows, split pane with wooden mullion with latch and hinges attached, from the New Westminster Chinese Benevolent Association building. These were reportedly the transom windows over the central hall doors.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2008.87.1A-B
  • Item

Two ceramic spoons, of a Chinese style. The spoons are white with gold design in bowl and five inches long.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2008.747.1A-B
  • Item

Round woven basket with three red tassels on top, a Chinese coin, and a red plastic loop handle. The basket is a dark brown colour. The basket contains three plastic bags with no numbered items. The bags contain the following: strips of lace trimm...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX985-0266
  • Item

Ceramic bowl. The bowl has large relief figures across the face, with two Chinese men. The man on left is in green robes, the man on the right in blue. Both are bald with long trailing horn-like hair; the man in blue has a branch in his hands go...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_X982.436.1
  • Item

Small trunk. It is covered in brown leather. The letters "C.F.C." are painted in black on the right side end panel. There are Chinese labels on it. The translations are 'Company Hing Shun Tai Retail Store, everything, gift boxes, h...

Tea cup

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.360.3
  • Item

China tea cup with gold rim and handle. It has a Chinese character on each side, to the left of the handle is a dragon (four feet, no wings); on the right of the handle is a long plumaged bird, with a flower in its beak. On the bottom are the word...

Tea cup

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.360.2
  • Item

China tea cup with gold rim and handle. It has a Chinese character on each side; to the left of the handle is a dragon (four feet, no wings); and on the right of the handle is a long plumaged bird with a flower in its beak. On bottom, the markings...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.1452.1A-C
  • Item

Chinese opium scale in a wooden case that is shaped like a guitar. There is also an ivory bar with a plate and a weight.

Unknown item

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.252.1
  • Item

Lacquered piece of wood with inlaid gold work of a tree with blossoms. On the right are four large flip-up ivory tabs with insects inlaid on top. To the left, there are three small and one large ivory tabs. It might be a counting device or a game...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1980.30.31A-B
  • Item

Doors from the Chinese Benevolent Association building, painted light green. The components are .31A swing door with knob, missing one half of one hinge; 31B stationary 'pinned' door, has hardware but no knob, has a pull chain release c...

Water spray can

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2008.125.1A-B
  • Item

Water spray can. Looks like a small brass tin can with a tube across the top, with a small fill port and cap on the top. Might be home made, from a tin can. One would blow through the pipe on top, which would pick up water through the hole in the ...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2007.748.1
  • Item

Wooden school desk, from the Chinese Benevolent Association (CBA) building. It is dark wood and 30 inches tall by 24.5 inches long by 18 inches wide.

Basketry over bottle

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2007.811.1
  • Item

First Peoples' basketry bottle. Basketry is woven around the bottle, on the diagonal and patterned with contrasting colour basketry. It is 18 cm tall. The top diameter is 5.5 cm. Made for souvenir trade? The bottle is a Chinese imported Ta ...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.195.1
  • Item

Silk Chinese blue blouse with double breast overlapping front and side closure. There are five side toggles, two are in groups of two, with two at the collar, and two at the breast corner. Has been treated with moth balls.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.195.3
  • Item

Blue Chinese-style skirt. It has a side snap with hook and loop metal catches. Treated with moth balls.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.195.5
  • Item

Chinese wrap skirt. It is composed of closed pleats in brown and black with a blue edge detail band with purple flowers. Blue top band has a centre toggle opening, with ties on the ends. Treated with moth balls.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.27
  • Item

Decorated Chinese porcelain plate, dinner plate sized.

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