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Nanaimo Museum 只有最高层级著录

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Bottle (Container)

  • CA NAN NAN_1991.070.001
  • Item
  • 1991-06-23

Local provenance.

Rogers, Mr. Geoffrey

Bottle (Merchandising T&E)

  • CA NAN NAN_2001.081.002
  • Item
  • 2002-01-11

unknown. Donor found bottle in Nanaimo area on Protection Island.

Williams, Parker

Cards (Game)

  • CA NAN NAN_1985.039.001
  • Item
  • 1985-03-14

Uncertain provenance.


Ceremonial Cup (Food Service T&E)

  • CA NAN NAN_1978.210.001
  • Item
  • 1978-12-12

Local provenance. These style of cups would be used to celebrate the birth and death of family members. The Ceremonial cup would sand on the mantle place in each household.

Lee, Ed

Chinese Bottle (Container)

  • CA NAN NAN_1968.253.001 - .002
  • Item
  • 1968-10-01

From B.C. but not Local. Found in Cumberland.

Chambers, P., Dr.

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