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Two unidentified Chinese men in China; circa 1900.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1999.0009.0558
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Photo of two Oriental boys dressed in ethnic clothing with head coverings. They are sitting on wooden chairs and their feet are on a animal fur rug. An oriental screen is in the background.

Unidentified Chinese boy; circa 1910.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1990.0003.1221
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A Chinese boy standing in front of a brick wall. He is holding an umbrella in his right hand and is wearing a military style car, white top, white pants and slip on shoes. To his right is a white cloth drop sheet.

Hoy, C. D.

Unidentified Chinese man in China; circa 1910.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1990.0003.1204
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A Chinese man seated on a wooden chair with a table covered with a striped blanket to his left and brick buildings in the background. He is wearing a cap, white top, dark pants, and slippers. He is holding a book in his left hand and what appears ...

Hoy, C. D.

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