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Newspaper Article - 24 April 1919 - on Chinese population

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Sidney and Islands Review, 24 April 1919, Page 2. "The Canadian Registration Board states in its report that there were 186,747 males over 16 years of age in B.C. on June 22, 1918, of which 63,479 were aliens, including 27,422 Chinese."

Newspaper Article - 25 September 1919 - on the 'Oriental Menace'

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Sidney and Islands Review, "The Oriental Menace", 25 September 1919, Page 4. "The Oriental Menace" The Oriental, the Chinese, the Japanese and the Hindus, are taking a most important place in the development of British Columbi...

Newspaper Article - 27 November 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Many Cases Of Clams Are Being Packed Each Day", 27 November 1914, Page 1. "Many Cases Of Clams Are Being Packed Each Day .... The present staff is capable of putting up about 85 to 90 cases during a te...

Newspaper Article - 4 September 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 4 September 1914, Page 8. "On Tuesday night, some, time shortly after midnight, two of our well known citizens were rudely aroused from their slumbers by a noise in their back yard. The lady of the house went to i...

Newspaper Article - 26 May 1921 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "An Important Industry Visited By Our Reporter", 26 May 1921, Page 1. "An Important Industry Visited By Our Reporter .... A visit to the Bazan Bay Brick and Tile plant last Saturday, which is now in ful...

Newspaper Article - 17 February 1927 - Chinese person drowned

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Sidney and Islands Review, 17 February 1927, Page 3. "The Body of Knapp Island Chinese Found The mystery of the disappearance since January 8th of a Chinaman, Wong Chang, has been solved with the appearance of his body on a beach at the sou...

Newspaper Article - 27 September 1928 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 27 September 1928. Page 1. "Hi Fungi? No, this is not a Chink laundryman or general merchant in Chinatown, it has to do with an "elevated" growth on a prominent Sidney man's back shed roof. We have...

Basket and Lid

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Circular basket with lid used for sewing materials. Made of fine material, possibly bamboo? Has been stained a brownish red color. Lid is decorated with a thin braided cord of golden brown color. Circular metal medallion with Chinese characters is...


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Wooden dowel of unknown wood-probably hardwood with a diamond shaped end and carved hand. Hand shape is hand carved from bone or ivory. Recorded as a "Chinese, bone".

Bottle in Box with Instructions

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a)Clear glass Medicine bottle-containing original contents-brown liquid, cork stopper sealed in top. Red and white label with Chinese Characters on sides. b)Booklet-illustrated, found in box with medicine bottle. Sole agent is Eng Chow and Co. of ...


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Clear glass bottle, square base, circular mouth rim that will take cork stopper. Seam lines visible down sides and over mouth rim. Medicine bottle.


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Pale green transparent glass bottle, square base. Bottle appears to made with a piece of hollow glass tubing with thick glass over it to form a bottle. A few small bubbles in glass. Recorded as, "possibly a Chinese medicine bottle."


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Rectangular frame, wooden, wood unknown, stained black outside. Edges bound with thin brass. Abacus is divided horizontally into two areas, the base area being much deeper than the top. Thirteen bamboo rods are evenly spaced at fixed intervals ins...


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Ceramic Chinese ginger jar. Blue-green glaze, possibly iron which would date it as fairly old. Grey around base and neck of jar. Red, rust-like patches showing through glaze. Six panels, each with a different design. Possibly some of these designs...

Newspaper Article - 13 May 1915 - riot at shingle mill

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“Riot And Strike At The Sidney Shingle Mills – Foreman J. Brown Struck by One of the Chinese Employees in a Row Yesterday. – Yesterday morning Foreman J. H. Brown, of the Sidney Shingle Mill, noticed one of the sawyers, who had been doing consider...

Newspaper Article - 19 August 1915 - Chinese robbed

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“Chinaman Held Up – On Saturday morning last Sang Lee, who lives on Henry avenue, was on his way to Victoria with a load of vegetables and was near Mount Tolmie about 3 o’clock when he met an auto with four men in it. The auto stopped and three o...

Newspaper Article - 26 March 1941 - Chinese suffers accident

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“Wong Tom, well known local vegetable Chinaman, is a patient at Rest Haven, having met with an accident while backing his horse and rig into his shed, becoming pinned beneath the roof and the rig. He is improving and says he will be around to his...

Newspaper Article - 5 February 1936 - reference to Chinatown

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"Editorial -- Sidney's Public Building Monday morning, February 3rd, 1936, saw the commencement of operations to construct Sidney's $18,000 public building. Work on the excavation for the basement got under way and is proceeding ap...

Newspaper Article - 1 October 1958 - death of Chinese

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Father Of Sidney Residents Passes Away Father of two respected Sidney residents passed away in Victoria on Monday Sept. 29. Chan Yat Foon, aged 66 years, was born in Canton, China, and had been a resident of Victoria for the past 40 years. He lea...

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