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  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.23
  • Item

Small decorated Chinese porcelain 'rice' bowl.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.25
  • Item

Decorated Chinese porcelain plate, side plate size (small).


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.26
  • Item

Decorated Chinese porcelain plate, side plate size (small).


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.28
  • Item

Decorated Chinese porcelain plate, dinner plate sized.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1988.8.2A-C
  • Item

Teapot with a Chinese motif. It comes with a lid and a padded wicker case for the teapot.

Tea pot

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1990.37.1A-B
  • Item

Chinese tea pot with floral and family life patterns, along with gold accents.

Archival material

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.211
  • Item

Documents including head tax certificate of Tee Lee Sing Kan; bylaws of Chinese Old Man's Home in Chinese and English; Kwong on Wo balance sheets on letterhead; directors list; and other Chinese documents.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2007.748.1
  • Item

Wooden school desk, from the Chinese Benevolent Association (CBA) building. It is dark wood and 30 inches tall by 24.5 inches long by 18 inches wide.

Basketry over bottle

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2007.811.1
  • Item

First Peoples' basketry bottle. Basketry is woven around the bottle, on the diagonal and patterned with contrasting colour basketry. It is 18 cm tall. The top diameter is 5.5 cm. Made for souvenir trade? The bottle is a Chinese imported Ta ...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.384.1
  • Item

Hardcover book titled "Chinese Birthday, Wedding, Funeral and Other Customs" by Mrs. J. G. Cormack, La Librairie Francaise, Peking & Tientsin. Printed by The Commercial Press, Peking Branch Works. 1923. 209 pages. Blue cover with tit...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.1044.13
  • Item

Tiger Whiskey pot. This is green pottery from the 1890-1910 period. Found in the soil beneath the Burr (Columbia) Theatre.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2012.20.9
  • Item

Platinum-coloured cheongsam dress (short sleeved Chinese silk) with embroidery of baskets and tree branches with pale blue and pale coral. Also has maroon accents on the edge and collar. Appears to be unused. On May 17, 2012, the donor relayed t...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2012.20.4
  • Item

Contents of sewing machine (IH2012.20.2a-b) which was found of IH2012.20.1b, a sewing machine drawer. Consists of a variety of unused buttons and toggles mounted on card. From a Chinese-Canadian family.

Fabric remnants

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2012.20.6
  • Item

Contents of IH2012.20.1C, a sewing machine drawer (from the donation of a sewing machine, IH2012.20.2a-b). Consists of a variety of salvaged and incomplete fabric pieces. From a Chinese-Canadian family.

Address Plate

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1980.30.4
  • Item

This wooden address plate measures 8 by 33 cm. The numbers "824" are cut vertically into the wood and painted yellow. There are two nail holes, one on either end.

Address Plaque Numbers

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1980.30.5.1-3
  • Item

Rusted metal numbers "825." Each number has four small holes in the metal for affixing the number. The number is probably from an adjoining building by the Chinese Benevolent Association building at 824 Agnes Street. This latter locati...

Tea Box

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.151.5A-B
  • Item

Ying Kee Tea Co. tin, from Hong Kong.

Ginseng Box

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.4A-B
  • Item

Ginseng Drops metal tin. The donor's father came to Victoria around 1917, while his wife and children remained in China. He later moved to New Westminster, then Vancouver. As a result of the 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act, he was not able to br...

Brown Silk Jacket

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.14
  • Item

Brown silk, padded jacket with toggle detail closures. The label reads: "Double Horse / Made in China / Pure silk M." The donor's father came to Victoria around 1917, while his wife and children remained in China. He later moved t...

Red Box

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.744.1A-B
  • Item

This little box has an illustration with cross-hatching on top. Appears to be a stylized landscape in portrait format.

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