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Scales in Black Metal Case

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Could have been used for opium. Scales are in a black metal case; inside the box has a green felt bottom and an orange top; 10.54 A. two brass counters.Weights marked “58” and “twr 3”; scales and counter bar and similar to the one seen on the stat...

Glass Bottle of "Girl Brand Florida Water"

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This bottle is from Kwong Sang Hong ltd.; it was made in Hong Kong. The label reads: "Girl Brand" “Florida Water” , with the image of 2 women, roses, and 2 flags.

Kwong Sang Hong ltd

Jar from Sang Yuen Co.

  • CA CUMB CUMB_985.038.043
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From “Sang Yuen Co. 641 Jackson, San Francisco, California.”

Sang Yuen Co.

Chinese Kino Cards

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Kino is a Chinese game similar to "Bingo."

Cinnamon Bark in Paper Wrapping

  • CA CUMB CUMB_985.038.009
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The instructional paper reads: “Shave some into hot water and drink.”; “cinnamon for aiding and preventing stomach- aches and diarrhea.”

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