Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project

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  • CA CHL CHL_1988.027.004
  • Item

CM 3810 Handkerchief White, sheer silk, embroidered floral pattern in light purple, light blue, white, light pink and green; and cranes in white, black and purple; scalloped edges in medium pink edge stitch.

Higginson family fonds

  • CA CHL CHL_ Add. Mss 866
  • Fonds

The fonds consists of plans, surveyor's notes, title deeds, a contract between James A. Higginson and Huey Chung, a Chinese labourer on the Higginson farm, for use of a portion of the north-east corner comprising twenty-six acres, receipts fo...

Higginson family

Horse drawn mechanical hops sprayer with Chinese boss, Sing

  • CA CHL CHL_005406
  • Item

Photograph consists of a view of a horse drawn mechanical hops sprayer between rows of hops, with Chinese boss Sing standing at left behind sprayer. Signatures: "Sing, and the spray engine" is written in white margin below image. "...

Jar, Food-Storage

  • CA CHL CHL_1965.010.001
  • Item

CM 2318 Food-Storage Jar Hand-made brown glazed pottery jar; wide-mouth; unglazed base with exception of bottom of jar; uneven glazing throughout; Chinese origin.

Jar, Food-Storage

  • CA CHL CHL_1962.002.001
  • Item

CM 2241 Food-Storage Jar Pottery jar has brown glaze; wide-mouth; base of jaw has no glaze. Chinese character on side.

Jar, Ginger

  • CA CHL CHL_1979.034.001
  • Item

CM 2277 Ginger Jar Shiny glaze on jar is brown and blue; wide-mouth with hole in center of base; unglazed base with sections of running glaze; Chinese origin.


  • CA CHL CHL_1957.063.001
  • Item

CM 959 Ladle Black ladle with wide spoon; tapered handle; homemade handle; visible edging.

Margaret Hepburn Interview

  • CA CHL CHL_Add. Mss. 405
  • Item
  • 1983

Outline and tape of an interview with Margaret (MacAdam) Hepburn. Subjects include: Caledonian Society, Cheam, Cheam School, Cheam United Church, Chilliwack High School, Chilliwack Museum & Historical Society, Chinese Cemetery, Hepburn's ...

Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society


  • CA CHL CHL_1980.061.001
  • Item

Chinese Ornament Wooden square base; hand-carved pieces of wood; wooden pieces pointed at one end and heart-shaped on other; wooden pieces strung together with string; many loose pieces.

Photograph of Wong Mui

  • CA CHL CHL_1999.029.069.009
  • Item
  • 1966-5-4

Photograph shows Wong Mui, a Chinese girl from Hong Kong, who has been financially adopted through the Foster Parents Plan by Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Batty of Chilliwack. The photograph was published in the Chilliwack Progress newspaper on page 24, May ...

The Chilliwack Progress


  • CA CHL CHL_1957.019.069
  • Item

CM 2240 Pipe Short stemmed bamboo pipe with brass bowl and brass and white metal mouthpiece; decorated with inlaid floral petals in three places; one set of floral stems engraved.


  • CA CHL CHL_1990.028.002a-f
  • Item

CM 4186 Pipe Six nickel [?] pieces fitted together; pipe (A) with long slender neck vertical from six-sided base container; small spout protrudes vertically from this; neck at 45 degree angle just before upper end; tobacco [?] container. (B) six-s...


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.038.003
  • Item

CM 1437 Pipe 9 pieces of soldered brass; six-sided tube with slight curve; with offset stem; mouthpiece with metal filter


  • CA CHL CHL_1957.019.068
  • Item

CM 2239 Pipe Bamboo stem with brass bowl piece and brass mouthpiece; no markings.

Portrait of group having tea in front of Hulbert house

  • CA CHL CHL_000119
  • Item
  • [ca.1896]

Photograph consists of portrait taken of a group seated around a table, having tea, outside of the Hulbert house in Sardis, ca. 1896. Individuals identified in group include, from left to right: Rachel McLeod (holding tea cup), Joe Banks, unidenti...

Booen, James Orville


  • CA CHL CHL_1956.001.0231
  • Item

CM 2320 Unidentified object believed to be a headrest Made of interlocked wood; adjustable and folds flat; bottom with Chinese (Hanzi) characters.

Racks, Mah Jongg

  • CA CHL CHL_1990.054.001
  • Item

CM 3702b Mah Jongg Racks Long beige box with one corner of the lid being ripped. There are no markings except for tape around the edge at the bottom. The lid lifts off and inside the box are 4 Mah Jongg Racks. The racks are long with a little shel...

Reminiscences of Ethnicity in Chilliwack

  • CA CHL CHL_2012.070.001
  • Item
  • 2012

The manuscript contains two pages of reminiscences from Jack Ker about ethnicity in Chilliwack. This includes Jack's memories of Chinese, Japanese, Sikh, Roman Catholic and Anglican communities.

Ker, Jack


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.038.004a-b
  • Item

CM 252 Saucepan (a) Pot; cast iron with offset handle; wide body with slightly narrowing at top; hollow, fluted-shaped handle; marked, "KENRICK / 6 PINTS". (b) Lid; tin; no markings.

Scarf, Table

  • CA CHL CHL_1988.003.002
  • Item

CM 3703 Table Scarf Silk with embroidery; square off-white, with pale pink, blue, gray, green floral and bird designs in Chinese style.


  • CA CHL CHL_1977.029.003
  • Item

CM 2039 Shawl Half-moon shape shawl; burgundy; tassles around exterior/circular edge; floral design 4cm down from top straight edge.


  • CA CHL CHL_1977.029.002
  • Item

CM 2040 Shawl; burgundy silk; half-moon shape; tassles around exterior/rounded edge; floral design.

Shovel, Trenching

  • CA CHL CHL_1993.021.001
  • Item

CM 4699 Trenching Shovel Rectangular silver coloured cracked blade; handle meets shovel with 17.5cm wide lip; dark silver on one side, light silver on reserve side.

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