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  • CA SMA SMA_976. .263
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Squat shaped pottery bottle or jug glazed with a brownish-black glaze. Chinese characters in raised lettering under glaze. p. 99-100, "Commonly called Tiger Whiskey Jug, this contained Ng-Ka-Py (like Saki)." Vol. 2. Western Canadian Bott...


  • CA SMA SMA_976.029.017
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Ladder, bamboo, thirteen rungs, pegged in notches. Split on one side. Rungs are spaced 10.5 inches apart. Aome replacement nails. Ladder narrows at top.


  • CA SMA SMA_986.005.014
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Shallow lid made of tan-coloured clay, [probably Chinese?]. Circular in shape, has a wide, flat rim around edge. There is a Chinese character on the lid


  • CA SMA SMA_986.005.015
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Chinese grey clay bowl-like lid, orange glaze on outside. Circular in shape, with a brim on the edge. It is pitted on the bottom - [evidence it was made on a wheel?].


  • CA SMA SMA_986.005.012
  • Item

Shallow dish (lid) made of tan-coloured clay, [probably Chinese.?] Circular in shape, has a flat brim around edge, and rounded bottom.


  • CA SMA SMA_986.005.013
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Shallow dish (lid) made of tan-coloured clay, probably Chinese. Circular in shape, has a flat bottom and flat brim around edge. Edges are a bit rough. There is a design on the bottom [top?] of a circle inside which are five oval shapes.


  • CA SMA SMA_976. .250
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Circular pottery lid (unglazed) from top of ginger jar similar to 976. .249. Circular paper label intact on top, printed in yellow, blue, green, red, brown. Label reads, "Tung Chun Canning Co. trademark. Cargo ginger in syrup, net weight 1 lb...


  • CA SMA SMA_993.047.002
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A stack (4 across, 8 wide) of wooden matches, called Chinese matches; this packet was bought in Vancouver in the early 1900's. The ends of the matches were dipped in sulphur.


  • CA SMA SMA_976. .260
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String of seventy-two deep (cobalt) blue transparent glass beads of circular shape; bubbles visible in the glass. Beads are quite uniform in shape and size. Chalky interiors.

Newspaper Article - 1 August 1913 - reference to Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-003
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Sidney and Islands Review, “A Warning to Chinese”, 1 August 1913, Page 2. “A Warning to Chinese Three million circulars for distribution all over China are declared to have been despatched by local Chinese warning their compatriots against coming...

Newspaper Article - 1 October 1958 - death of Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-083
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Father Of Sidney Residents Passes Away Father of two respected Sidney residents passed away in Victoria on Monday Sept. 29. Chan Yat Foon, aged 66 years, was born in Canton, China, and had been a resident of Victoria for the past 40 years. He lea...

Newspaper Article - 10 April 1924 - racist poem

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-066
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"Just a Chink" Sweet strains of music caught my ear On Sunday afternoon. I knew they came not from the church, The hour it was too soon. 'Twas just a simple melody-- Yet, melody so rare, That floated o'er the nearby bu...

Newspaper Article - 10 December 1925 - reference to Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-050
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Sidney and Islands Review, 10 December 1925, Page 5. "Notes By The Way by OBSERVER An anti-Oriental society in Victoria is advocating the return to all Chinese who desire to return to China all their head-tax. This has been advocated befor...

Newspaper Article - 10 February 1927 - Chinese New Year

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-041
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Sidney and Islands Review, 10 February 1927, Page 3. "The Chinese New Year celebrations went off with a bang locally. The fireworks display in Chinatown on Tuesday evening were quite spectacular."

Newspaper Article - 11 February 1915 - reference to Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-012
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Sidney and Islands Review, '“For Mothers”, 11 February 1915, Page 3. “For Mothers Not having a special department for mothers the editor is compelled to put in the general columns this bit of exclusive information which came to him unexpecte...

Newspaper Article - 11 September 1914 - reference to Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-008
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Sidney and Islands Review, 11 September 1914, Page 8. “Joe Lee, the Chinese gardener, wishes to inform the owner of the horse impounded for being in his garden last week that if he will call upon him he will refund the amount of the pound fee. J...

Newspaper Article - 13 January 1927 - Chinese person drowned

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-040
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Sidney and Islands Review, 13 January 1927. Page 2. "Believe Chinaman Drowned A Chinaman named Wong, emplayed by Lt.-Col. Harvey on Knapp Island, is believed to have been drowned returning from Sidney to Knapp Island Friday night! Wong car...

Newspaper Article - 13 May 1915 - riot at shingle mill

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-062
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“Riot And Strike At The Sidney Shingle Mills – Foreman J. Brown Struck by One of the Chinese Employees in a Row Yesterday. – Yesterday morning Foreman J. H. Brown, of the Sidney Shingle Mill, noticed one of the sawyers, who had been doing consider...

Newspaper Article - 14 November 1913 - Chinese involved in accident

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-061
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“Serious Accident Caused By A Runaway Team – Driver Was Thrown Under the Wheels of a Loaded Wagon and Received Serious Internal Injuries. – On Tuesday afternoon at about 3.15, Sing, the Chinaman working for Mer. Percy Finch on his North Saanich r...

Newspaper Article - 14 September 1938 - death of Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-081
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According to Provincial Police reports Soo You, Chinese, who was employed at the Sidney Duck Farm operated by Mr. L. G. Thomas, East Road, died suddenly on Tuesday, Sept. 6th, at the age of 62 years, death being due to natural causes. He is repor...

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