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Opium Tin (Merchandising T&E)

  • CA NAN NAN_1978.172.001
  • Item
  • 1978-12-07

Local provenance. Found by Ed. Lee & Bill Spowart in basement of house in Chinatown after the 1960 fire tucked behind a beam. 2 marks. The larger one reads, モLi-yuanヤ (=Lai Yuan) which is an early high-quality brand supposedly imported from HK...

Lee, Ed

Ginger Pot (Food T&E)

  • CA NAN NAN_2003.086.011
  • Item
  • 2003-09-18

The pot is from the estate of Dick Mah and may have belonged to his grandparent, Bing Kee Mah.

Mah, Marion

Bottle (Merchandising T&E)

  • CA NAN NAN_2001.081.002
  • Item
  • 2002-01-11

unknown. Donor found bottle in Nanaimo area on Protection Island.

Williams, Parker

Ginger Jar (Food T&E)

  • CA NAN NAN_1994.013.002 (a-c)
  • Item
  • 1994-09-28

Donor, Mrs. Murdoch, purchased the ginger in Nanaimo's Chinatown during the early period of her marriage, which had been in 1939.

Murdoch, J., Mrs.

Demijohn (Container)

  • CA NAN NAN_1993.042.001
  • Item
  • 1993-12-09

Used by donor's uncle, Sam Jung, who immigrated to Canada during late 19th century and was foreman at No. 1 mine for the rail and sawmill sections. Sam Jung brought donor to Canada in 1918. Demijohn held whiskey and herbs for flavouring it.

Jung, Mr.

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