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Ceramic Chinese ginger jar. Blue-green glaze, possibly iron which would date it as fairly old. Grey around base and neck of jar. Red, rust-like patches showing through glaze. Six panels, each with a different design. Possibly some of these designs...

Newspaper Article - 13 May 1915 - riot at shingle mill

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“Riot And Strike At The Sidney Shingle Mills – Foreman J. Brown Struck by One of the Chinese Employees in a Row Yesterday. – Yesterday morning Foreman J. H. Brown, of the Sidney Shingle Mill, noticed one of the sawyers, who had been doing consider...

Newspaper Article - 19 August 1915 - Chinese robbed

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-063
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“Chinaman Held Up – On Saturday morning last Sang Lee, who lives on Henry avenue, was on his way to Victoria with a load of vegetables and was near Mount Tolmie about 3 o’clock when he met an auto with four men in it. The auto stopped and three o...

Newspaper Article - 26 March 1941 - Chinese suffers accident

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“Wong Tom, well known local vegetable Chinaman, is a patient at Rest Haven, having met with an accident while backing his horse and rig into his shed, becoming pinned beneath the roof and the rig. He is improving and says he will be around to his...

Newspaper Article - 5 February 1936 - reference to Chinatown

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"Editorial -- Sidney's Public Building Monday morning, February 3rd, 1936, saw the commencement of operations to construct Sidney's $18,000 public building. Work on the excavation for the basement got under way and is proceeding ap...

Newspaper Article - 1 October 1958 - death of Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-083
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Father Of Sidney Residents Passes Away Father of two respected Sidney residents passed away in Victoria on Monday Sept. 29. Chan Yat Foon, aged 66 years, was born in Canton, China, and had been a resident of Victoria for the past 40 years. He lea...

Teapot and Cup

  • CA SMA SMA_985.007.002 a-b
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Teacup is glazed in white, with black trim around rim. There is a picture of a dog leaping at a tree. Teapot is dark brown/black. Rounded shape with unglazed base. A small one inch long spout protrudes from upper portion, close to top. Opening is ...


  • CA SMA SMA_986.005.007
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Cologne bottle. Transparent blue long-necked bottle. Two-piece mold. Chinese, c. 1900, probably held Florida or toilet water. Chinese lettering around middle of bottle.

Scale, Box

  • CA SMA SMA_992.017.001 a-c
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a) wooden case, shaped like a violin; two sections carved out and joined at the long end with a ring around the handle which can be pulled up and it holds the two parts together. b) ivory rod, sectioned off with black dots and lines; it also has t...


  • CA SMA SMA_995.078.001
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Small ceramic pot, speckled gray and brown with several large brown splotches on it. It has a relatively small 'mouth' and is encased in wicker work with two wicker handles.

Newspaper Article - 25 April 1913 - Chinatown reference

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Sidney and Islands Review, “The Incorporation Of Sidney Is Still A Very Live Topic”, 25 April 1913, Page 2. “Before we can, however, hope to develop, as our situation and natural facilities warrant, many matters must be attended to. Probably the...

Newspaper Article - 11 September 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 11 September 1914, Page 8. “Joe Lee, the Chinese gardener, wishes to inform the owner of the horse impounded for being in his garden last week that if he will call upon him he will refund the amount of the pound fee. J...

Newspaper Article - 7 August 1919 - on Asian immigration

  • CA SMA SMA-SR-2015-018
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Sidney and Islands Review, "The Review's Oriental Policy", 7 August 1919, Page 3. "The Review's Oriental Policy The attitude of The Review on the Oriental question should by this time be well known. We have on several o...

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