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Chinese Book - Romance of Wu-Tsa-Tien

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-459
  • Item

Published by the Gin-geu library in China in 1923 this book it titled "Romance of Wu-Tsa-Tien". Written as light-hearted entertainment for the general public, this book is a historical romance about Wu-Tsa-Tien, an empress who ruled Chin...

Chinese Book - Story of the Black Dragon River Battle

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-485
  • Item

Published by Wah Sun Book Shop in Vancouver the author of the book is the Chinese Patriots' Society, eds. The book is titled 'Story of the Black Dragon River Battle' it is a patriotic writing to glorify the works of General Mah Chin...

Chinese Book - The West Chamber

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-475
  • Item

Published in China this book is titled "The West Chamber". It is a classic love story (like Romeo and Juliet) about lovers separated by feuding families. The book is quite fragile with the spine breaking and some paper tearing. It is wri...

Chinese Book - To Untie the Red Rope on the Back

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-496
  • Item

Published in Canton China by Ye-man Tong and titled 'To Untie the Red rope on the Back, part 2'. It’s a traditional story, sung in 'Southern Sound' style. Printed with wooden block on rice paper in Chinese.

Chinese Book - West Village

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-491
  • Item

Published in China Sept., 1929 this book is titled 'West Village, 1st issue'. It is a reader's digest type book and is written in Chinese with a paper bound spine.

Chinese Books - Abacus Book

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-470a-e
  • Item

Published by Ching-Chang Bookstore in Shanghai this set of books it titled 'Abacus Book'. These books are a mathematical handbook in four flatbound volumes encased in a blue folding cardboard cover. The books are written in Chinese.

Chinese Books - Medical Prescriptions

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-478a-e
  • Item

Published by Way-won Tung in Shanghair. This is an 8 volume set of reference books titled 'Medical Prescriptions'. Volumes 1,2, and 8 are missing. These books are flat bound and written in Chinese of rice paper.

Chinese Books - Plots of the Warlords of the East Chou Dynasty

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-468a-c
  • Item

Publsihed by Shun-Wu Bookstore in Shanghai this set of books is titled 'Plots of the Warlords of the East Chou Dynasty'. A historical novel in four volumes, depiciting the decay of the Chou dynasty. Flatbound and printed on rice paper th...

Chinese Books - Romance of East-West Han Dynasty

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-462a-d
  • Item

Publsished by Tai-Seng Bookstore in Shanghai in the Spring of 1922. The books are titled 'Romance of East-West Han Dynasty' a popular four-volume novel about the Royal Families of the Han Dynasty. Written in Chinese this series of novels...

Chinese Books - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-460a-e
  • Item

Published by the Won-weh bookstore this series of books are titled 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'. A fictional account of the conflist between three warlords at the end of the Han dynasty. It is based on historical fact, and is a very p...

Chinese Books - Strange Stories of Lo-Chi's Study

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-477a-l
  • Item

Published in China and written in Chinese this is a twelve volume set of books titled 'Strange Stories of Lo-Chi's Study'. They are short stories about ghosts, metaphysics, the unusual, and strange happenings. Flatbound on rice pape...

Chinese Dictionary

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-482
  • Item

Chinese dictionary flat bound on rice paper and written in Chinese.

Chinese Dictionary

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-483
  • Item

Chinese dictionary flat bound on rice paper and written in Chinese.

Chinese Dictionary

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-489
  • Item

Chinese dictionary flat bound on rice paper and written in Chinese.

Chinese Newspaper - Nan Long Monthly

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-479
  • Item

Published by Foo-Sing Publisher in China in July 1929 this book it titled "Nan Long Monthly". A local newspaper for the Nanlong area. Written in Chinese and bound with paper down the spine.

Chinese Primary School Textbook

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-490
  • Item

Published in China c. 1930 and written in Chinese this book is 'Forest of Jade, for Primary School'. The book is flatbound on rice paper and is a classic Chinese textbook for children. The front and the back cover seem to have been repla...

Chinese and English Cookbook

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-993-051-001
  • Item

Chinese and English Cookbook, 3rd ed. Printed in both Chinese and English, and designed for the use of cantonese cooks (and American housewives), this compilation of recipes of foreign cookery includes a chapter on conversation.

Chinese-English Calendar - 1947

  • CA KMS KMS_2013.001b
  • Item

This is a Bank of Montreal calendar for 1947 which is in both English and Chinese. The main backdrop for the calendar is a large piece of paper that has many tears. The top picture is a city scene with people mingling in the market and on the stre...

Chinese-English Calendar - 1965

  • CA KMS KMS_2013.001a
  • Item

This is a Bank of Montreal calendar for 1965 which is in both English and Chinese. The calendar has a picture of Chinese men and women dressed in full Chinese robes and standing outside of what is presumably a temple. The calendar is stapled onto ...

Chinese-English Calendar - 1972

  • CA KMS KMS_2013.001d
  • Item

This is a Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce calendar for 1972 that is in both English and Chinese. The main backdrop of the calendar is on thick cream colored card stock with a colorful pitcure of birds amoungst flowers. The top has a metal bar w...

Chinese-English Calendar - 1978

  • CA KMS KMS_2013.001c
  • Item

This is a six page 1978 calendar from Sing's Restaurant in Kelowna B.C. Each page of the calendar has two months of the year on it, a colorful picture, and is written in both Chinese and English. The pages are held together with a metal bar r...


  • CA KMS KMS_DC-973-417-022
  • Item

This object is a metal chisel which has much wear and rust on it. The handle of the chisel is cylindrical with a hollow center. The main body of the chisel is rectangular in shape and fairly thick. It is long and angled at the end creating the chi...

Chopper, Food

  • CA KMS KMS_DC-977-259-001
  • Item

The blade of the object is flat with two straight sides, a straight top with two dips in it, and a curved semi-circle bottom. The semi-circle curved bottom makes up the sharp edge of the blade. The blade itself is completely covered in rust on the...

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