Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project

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Barkerville Historic Town

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Unidentified Chinese woman.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1981.0052.0116
  • Item

An oriental woman posing in a standing position in front of a large tree. In the foreground can be seen shrubbery, while in the background can be seen forest. On the back of the photograph, "a7" appears in black hand printed pencil, whil...

Joe, last name unknown.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1981.0052.0099
  • Item

An Oriental gentleman standing and posing in front of some large bushes. On the back of the photograph, "To Mary From Joe." appears in blue hand written ink. In addition, "746" appears in blue stamped ink. 8.9cm x 14.7cm

Hand tinted wedding photograph of unidentified couple, Vancouver.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1979.0058.0085.a-c
  • Item

A bride and groom and the wedding party. Four men and three woman. Chinese family. Flowers, ties and faces are painted, also the brides dress is painted. Pink, yellow, blue and green colours. Curtains in the background. Symbol in the bottom right ...

Unidentified Chinese boy standing in front of a store window.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1980.0112.0145
  • Item

One unidentified Chinese baby. This shot shows this little toddler standing in front of a brick building, with window display of shelves with doiles. Possibly a Bakery. Length 8.9 cm and width 6.3 cm. Captioned on back in English and Chinese: &quo...

Unidentified Chinese man; circa 1910.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1990.0003.0335
  • Item

Condition: good 19900731 Image of a the upper hald of a Chinese man. He is wearing a dark cap and thermal sweater. Behind him is a dark plain backdrop.

Hoy, C. D.

Unidentified Chinese man; circa 1910.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1990.0003.0337
  • Item

Image of the upper portion of a Chinese man. He is wearing a wide brimmed white hat and a dark tunic.

Unidentified Chinese man.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1980.0112.0036
  • Item

A Chinese man wearing a suit and hat, standing on the front porch of a wooden building. L.8.2cm W.6.2cm

Wedding photograph.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1979.0058.0104
  • Item

Black and white post card. Photograph of a Chinese wedding. Bride, Groom and sixteen persons to the wedding party. Background of trees and buildings. Top of photograph has Chinese symbols. Reverse side has Chinese symboles and reads: "Agfa&qu...

Unidentified Chinese woman on skis.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1980.0112.0054
  • Item

An unidentified Chinese lady wearing a pair of skis with poles. In the background there is a walking bridge crossing a small creek. This bridge leads to a log building on the right and on the left there is a wooden shelter. A visitor to the "...

Unidentified group of Chinese people on a dock in front of a ship.

  • CA Barkerville Historic Town BARK_1980.0112.0155
  • Item

Twelve unidentified Chinese people standing on a dock beside a passenger ship. This photo shows a ship in the background and a man standing on the top deck. This photo also shows that six of these people are adults and six are children. Length 11....

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