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Newspaper Article - 24 April 1919 - on Chinese population

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Sidney and Islands Review, 24 April 1919, Page 2. "The Canadian Registration Board states in its report that there were 186,747 males over 16 years of age in B.C. on June 22, 1918, of which 63,479 were aliens, including 27,422 Chinese."

Newspaper Article - 24 February 1916 - Chinese found dead

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Body of Chinese Boy Found In Roberts Bay – While Fishing Boys Make Gruesome Find and Report to Police. On Sunday afternoon last Constable McDonald received a telephone message from a residence on Robert’s Point informing him that the body of a Chi...

Newspaper Article - 24 October 1913 - reference to Orientals

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Sidney and Islands Review, “Oriental Menage To Integrity Of The British Empire”, 24 October 1913, Page 6. “Oriental Menace To Integrity Of The British Empire” – Lengthy article giving some of the views of the immigration of Orientals and that “Ou...

Newspaper Article - 25 April 1913 - Chinatown reference

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Sidney and Islands Review, “The Incorporation Of Sidney Is Still A Very Live Topic”, 25 April 1913, Page 2. “Before we can, however, hope to develop, as our situation and natural facilities warrant, many matters must be attended to. Probably the...

Newspaper Article - 25 May 1922 - death of Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Died Last Monday", 25 May 1922, Page 1. "Died Last Monday Died, at the family on Beacon avenue, on Monday, May 22, the wife of Chung Lee Yuen, aged 50 years. Interment took place Tuesday from the B.C. ...

Newspaper Article - 25 September 1914 - reference to Chinese store

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Sidney and Islands Review, 25 September 1914, Page 1. “Dominion Government Buys Post Office Site The Dominion Government have at last completed arrangements for the purchase of the post office site in Sidney. The property purchased is on the cor...

Newspaper Article - 26 December 1913 - Chinese wedding

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We in British Columbia have a great many Chinamen living here with us, but there are very few Chinese women amongst them owing to the stringent immigration laws. A Chinese wedding, therefore, when it does occur, creates quite a little excitement ...

Newspaper Article - 26 January 1922 - Chinese person injured

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Sidney and Islands Review, 26 January 1922, Page 7. "A Chinaman employed at the Sidney Mills had the misfortune to break an arm yesterday afternoon. Medical attention was given immediately and he is progressing favorably."

Newspaper Article - 26 March 1941 - Chinese suffers accident

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“Wong Tom, well known local vegetable Chinaman, is a patient at Rest Haven, having met with an accident while backing his horse and rig into his shed, becoming pinned beneath the roof and the rig. He is improving and says he will be around to his...

Newspaper Article - 26 May 1921 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "An Important Industry Visited By Our Reporter", 26 May 1921, Page 1. "An Important Industry Visited By Our Reporter .... A visit to the Bazan Bay Brick and Tile plant last Saturday, which is now in ful...

Newspaper Article - 26 October 1922 - racist poem

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James Island News Items …. Lim Fi Dear Editor, you ask me why I should discourse on one Lim Fi? I answer you as I thing fit That in some circles Fi is “IT.” For men may come and men may go, (Life’s so uncertain here below) But still Lim Fi remains...

Newspaper Article - 27 February 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 27 February 1914, Page 1. "While blasting for the paving of the new road a Chinaman was recently killed. He had run for shelter to a fir tree and was standing behind another man when the blasts went off. The latt...

Newspaper Article - 27 November 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Many Cases Of Clams Are Being Packed Each Day", 27 November 1914, Page 1. "Many Cases Of Clams Are Being Packed Each Day .... The present staff is capable of putting up about 85 to 90 cases during a te...

Newspaper Article - 27 September 1928 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 27 September 1928. Page 1. "Hi Fungi? No, this is not a Chink laundryman or general merchant in Chinatown, it has to do with an "elevated" growth on a prominent Sidney man's back shed roof. We have...

Newspaper Article - 28 January 1915 - reference to Chinatown

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Sidney and Islands Review, “Town Should Clean House”, 28 January 1915, Page 1. “Town Should Clean House – Writer Urges Beautification Should Begin With Cleanliness. …. As a matter of hideous homemade ugliness and carelessness where can you find a...

Newspaper Article - 28 September 1922 - Chinese in court

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Cases in Local Police Court Wong, a Chinaman, pleaded guilty last Monday, in the local provincial police court to a charge of having opium in his possession and was fined $200, with the option of six months in jail. If Wong, who claims to be a Br...

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