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Chinese and English Cookbook

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-993-051-001
  • Item

Chinese and English Cookbook, 3rd ed. Printed in both Chinese and English, and designed for the use of cantonese cooks (and American housewives), this compilation of recipes of foreign cookery includes a chapter on conversation.

Postcard of Kuo Min Tang Building

  • CA KMS KMS_1978.002.007
  • Item

Postcard photograph of the front exterior of the Kuo Min Tang builidng of the Chinese Nationalist party in Chinatown Kelowna.

Photograph of Kuo Min Tang Building

  • CA KMS KMS_1978.002.006
  • Item

Photograph of the front exterior of the Kuo Min Tang builidng of the Chinese Nationalist party in Chinatown Kelowna.

Group Photograph of the Kuo Min Tang Kelowna Members

  • CA KMS KMS_1978.002.003
  • Item

Group photograph of the Kuo Min Tang Chinese Nationalist Party, Kelowna. Most names of the people in the photgraph are unidentified. Identified in the second row from left to right are Wong Lone-Koy, Cheng Yue-sung, ?, ?, Kwan Jim-Ngo.

Photograph of City Park Café

  • CA KMS KMS_1978.002.001
  • Item

Photograph of the exterior view of the City Park Café located at Abbott Street and Harvey Avenue, Kelowna.

City Park Restaurant Menu

  • CA KMS KMS_1982.017
  • Item

City Park resturant short order menu. The resturant was located on the corner of Abbott Street and Harvery Avenue at Okanagan Lake Bridge Entrance.

Tea Bag Tag

  • CA KMS KMS_2011.021
  • Item

Tea bag tag from the Golden Pheasant Café. The tag reads "We Aim to Please, Golden Pheasant Café Ltd. Kelowna B.C., Fresh from the gardens." Orange Pekoe Blend of Salada Tea.

1965-1966 Chinese Yearbook B.C Mainland Edition

  • CA KMS KMS_2011.001c
  • Item

1965-1966 Chinese yearbook B.C Mainland Edition. Chinese and Japanese Business Firms, Historic Facts, and Important Information etc. Published by Chinese Canadian Press (Formerly Chinese-Canadian Publishing Co.)

Photograph of a Chinese Community Float

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084.007
  • Item

Photograph of the Chinese community float in a parade along Bernard Avenue. This is possibly the coronation procession. The float is decorated with banners, decorative fabric panels, British and Canadian flags, and a small structure. A sign on the...

Photograph of a Chinese Band Float

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084.005
  • Item

Photograph of a Chinese band float possibly in the Regatta parade. Taken on Bernard Avenue with the Travellers Café in the background.

Photograph of Wan Quong

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084.004
  • Item

Photograph of Wan Quong standing with his car outside the City Park Café. The café was located on the corner of Abbott Street and Harvey Avenue in Kelowna.

Portrait Photograph of Three Men

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084.003
  • Item

Portrait photograph of three men. Possibly Wan Quong standing in the back. The two other men are possibly Jim Quong and Tape Kwong owners of City Park Café.

Photograph of Jim or Wan Quong

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084.002
  • Item

Photograph of Jim or Wan Quong stading on the steps of the City Park Café, which was located on the corner of Abbott Street and Harvey Avenue.

Wan Quong Fonds

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084
  • Fonds

fonds consists of untranslated letters written in Chinese location of sender is unknown. Receipts and menus connected to city park café the Quong family business. Ticket and travel documents for Wan Quong from China to Victoria. A 1949 journal wri...

Chinese Community Collection

  • CA KMS KMS_EP-985-001
  • Collection

Collection consists of the records of various persons in the Chinese community in Kelowna. Collection includes business and personal correspondents and receipts, financial records, and wage statements. Personal correspondents consists of over 300 ...


  • CA KMS KMS_E-975-013-001
  • Item

1 pre-Manchu style woman's coat, c. 1875. Dark blue silk, with embroidered bats and flowers in lighter blues. Turquoise silk brocade lining.


  • CA KMS KMS_DC-982-177-014
  • Item

This object is a bundle of long rolled up pieces of paper creating tapers. The tapers are made of a cream/yellow colored paper that has been rolled into long cylindrical sticks which are slightly thinner on one end. There are at least fifty tapers...


  • CA KMS KMS_DC-983-204-006
  • Item

This object is a small circular container that is made out of plastic. The top and bottom of the container are flat with rounded sides. The bottom half of the container is made of a solid black colored plastic The top lip of the container is sligh...

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