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Newspaper Article - 2 October 1914 - Chinese store moves

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Quong Lee Yuen, the Chinese merchant, has moved his stock of provisions and other goods into his new store, two doors west of his present location on Beacon avenue, on Wednesday of this week. The handsome new building has only been recently erect...

Newspaper Article - 6 March 1914 - Chinese fined for cruelty to horse

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Chinaman Is Fined For Cruelty To His Horse For working a horse in an unfit condition, Jue Lee, a Chinaman gardener, was brought before Justices of the Peace Armstrong and White at the police court on Wednesday morning. Provincial Constable McDonal...

Newspaper Article - 6 February 1914 - death of Chinese

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Chinaman Meets Death In Runaway Accident A fatal accident happened to one of the Chinamen who bought Mr. Wray’s place recently. While driving a team hitched to a heavily laden wagon down the steep grade on the highway that leads from the West Saa...

Newspaper Article - 4 December 1935 - Chinatown to be torn down

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“Chinatown Going Soon; To Be Torn Down – ‘Chinatown,’ on Beacon Avenue, as a fire hazard and an eye sore to the town of Sidney, is to be removed, according to word received this week from Constable Geo. Helmsing, local assistant fire marshall for ...


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Six sided ginger pot in green glaze. Each of the six panels has a different floral pattern. A pattern also appears around the neck of the pot.


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Shallow dish (lid) made of tan-coloured clay, [probably Chinese.?] Circular in shape, has a flat brim around edge, and rounded bottom.


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A stack (4 across, 8 wide) of wooden matches, called Chinese matches; this packet was bought in Vancouver in the early 1900's. The ends of the matches were dipped in sulphur.

Newspaper Article - 3 July 1914 - reference to Asian immigration

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Sidney and Islands Review, “London Takes It Up”, 3 July 1914, Page 2. “London Takes It Up London, June 20 – A message from Victoria, B.C., received a short time ago credited H. H. Stevens, federal member from Vancouver, with stating that the Brit...

Newspaper Article - 28 January 1915 - reference to Chinatown

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Sidney and Islands Review, “Town Should Clean House”, 28 January 1915, Page 1. “Town Should Clean House – Writer Urges Beautification Should Begin With Cleanliness. …. As a matter of hideous homemade ugliness and carelessness where can you find a...

Newspaper Article - 2 January 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "The 'Whale' Came Back", 2 January 1914, Page 1. "The 'Whale' Came Back Some two or three weeks ago while out in his launch, Mr. F. Warrington discovered a huge dead black fish, or, a...

Newspaper Article - 20 February 1914 - employment of Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Local Firm Will Employ White Labor In The Future", 20 February 1914, Page 1. "Local Firm Will Employ White Labor In The Future -- Sidney Island Brick and Tile Company Resume Operation After Repairs to Pl...

Newspaper Article - 19 August 1915 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Opened James Island Plant", 19 August 1915, Page 1. "Opened James Island Plant -- Large Force Of Men At Work On Construction Of The Plant. The Canadian Explosives Limited started on Monday, August 16th,...

Newspaper Article - 29 September 1921 - Chinese person injured

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Hurt At Sidney Island", 29 September 1921, Page 1. "Hurt At Sidney Island Gee Chong, a Chinaman employed at the brick and tile plant on Sidney Island, was unfortunate enough to get jammed between two ca...

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