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Newspaper Article - 4 September 1914 - reference to Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-027
  • Pièce

Sidney and Islands Review, 4 September 1914, Page 8. "On Tuesday night, some, time shortly after midnight, two of our well known citizens were rudely aroused from their slumbers by a noise in their back yard. The lady of the house went to i...

Newspaper Article - 26 May 1921 - reference to Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-032
  • Pièce

Sidney and Islands Review, "An Important Industry Visited By Our Reporter", 26 May 1921, Page 1. "An Important Industry Visited By Our Reporter .... A visit to the Bazan Bay Brick and Tile plant last Saturday, which is now in ful...

Newspaper Article - 17 February 1927 - Chinese person drowned

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-042
  • Pièce

Sidney and Islands Review, 17 February 1927, Page 3. "The Body of Knapp Island Chinese Found The mystery of the disappearance since January 8th of a Chinaman, Wong Chang, has been solved with the appearance of his body on a beach at the sou...

Newspaper Article - 27 September 1928 - reference to Chinese

  • CA SMA SMA_SR-2015-043
  • Pièce

Sidney and Islands Review, 27 September 1928. Page 1. "Hi Fungi? No, this is not a Chink laundryman or general merchant in Chinatown, it has to do with an "elevated" growth on a prominent Sidney man's back shed roof. We have...


  • CA TN TN_1960.027.001
  • Pièce

A sixteen gauge metal box engraved with a hinged lid and a carved ivory handle. The engraving is detail of two bearded men of Chinese descent in a garden surrounded by an elaborate border.

Photograph - Chinese Masonic Hall

  • CA TN TN_2007.052.020
  • Pièce
  • [1970]

A black and white photograph of the Chinese Masonic Hall located at 605 Lake Street, in a photograph album containing images of buildings and bridges.


  • Fonds

A set of 37 rectangular-shaped, textile-backed game markers. Each item displays two Chinese characters in black ink.


  • Fonds

File 1: Chinese newspaper File 2: textile pieces with hand-written Chinese characters File 3: Chinese paper of various colours and markings

Chinese Soup Bowl (Food Service T&E)

  • CA NAN NAN_2003.083.002 (a-c)
  • Pièce
  • 2003-09-4

The soup bowl, lid, and saucer were used for formal dinners at the Rendezvous Restaurant in Nanaimo.

Wong, Chuck

Embroidered Handkerchief Given to Charles Lawrence

  • CA CUMB CUMB_991.026.002
  • Pièce

Embroidered with the name “Shin Ae Won” and the image of a girl collecting items in a basket. Given as a gift from China to Charles Lawrence as an appreciation for his financial donation.

Charles Lawrence

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