Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project

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New Westminster Museums and Archives 只有最高层级著录


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Small trunk. It is covered in brown leather. The letters "C.F.C." are painted in black on the right side end panel. There are Chinese labels on it. The translations are 'Company Hing Shun Tai Retail Store, everything, gift boxes, h...

Unknown item

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Lacquered piece of wood with inlaid gold work of a tree with blossoms. On the right are four large flip-up ivory tabs with insects inlaid on top. To the left, there are three small and one large ivory tabs. It might be a counting device or a game...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1962.6.3
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Chinese vase.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1962.6.2A-B
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Tall Chinese vase and lid. The word "CHINA" is stamped on the bottom.

Water spray can

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2008.125.1A-B
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Water spray can. Looks like a small brass tin can with a tube across the top, with a small fill port and cap on the top. Might be home made, from a tin can. One would blow through the pipe on top, which would pick up water through the hole in the ...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.384.1
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Hardcover book titled "Chinese Birthday, Wedding, Funeral and Other Customs" by Mrs. J. G. Cormack, La Librairie Francaise, Peking & Tientsin. Printed by The Commercial Press, Peking Branch Works. 1923. 209 pages. Blue cover with tit...

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