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  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.651.1
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Blue silk embossed kimono. Black silk trim with coloured ribbon. Hand-stitched machine woven braid. Probably from Qing dynasty before 1911 and altered by someone non-Chinese; the sleeves are missing the embroidered border. Where the removed sl...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.743.1
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Ivory figurine of a Chinese man seated with an umbrella in his left hand and another object in his right hand.

Red Box

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.744.1A-B
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This little box has an illustration with cross-hatching on top. Appears to be a stylized landscape in portrait format.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.974.1A-B
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Faded purple round squat basket and lid. There are bead handles on the lid and a bow decoration. The handle is on the centre and has Chinese characters.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX985-0266
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Ceramic bowl. The bowl has large relief figures across the face, with two Chinese men. The man on left is in green robes, the man on the right in blue. Both are bald with long trailing horn-like hair; the man in blue has a branch in his hands go...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_X982.436.1
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Small trunk. It is covered in brown leather. The letters "C.F.C." are painted in black on the right side end panel. There are Chinese labels on it. The translations are 'Company Hing Shun Tai Retail Store, everything, gift boxes, h...

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