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Newspaper Article - 29 September 1921 - Chinese person injured

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Hurt At Sidney Island", 29 September 1921, Page 1. "Hurt At Sidney Island Gee Chong, a Chinaman employed at the brick and tile plant on Sidney Island, was unfortunate enough to get jammed between two ca...

Newspaper Article - 3 July 1914 - reference to Asian immigration

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Sidney and Islands Review, “London Takes It Up”, 3 July 1914, Page 2. “London Takes It Up London, June 20 – A message from Victoria, B.C., received a short time ago credited H. H. Stevens, federal member from Vancouver, with stating that the Brit...

Newspaper Article - 4 December 1935 - Chinatown to be torn down

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“Chinatown Going Soon; To Be Torn Down – ‘Chinatown,’ on Beacon Avenue, as a fire hazard and an eye sore to the town of Sidney, is to be removed, according to word received this week from Constable Geo. Helmsing, local assistant fire marshall for ...

Newspaper Article - 4 May 1922 - poem about Wong

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Wong Thanks James Island Rhymer", 4 May 1922, Page 1. "Wong Thanks James Island Rhymer Some fella, Sidney paper, lite 'bout old Wong, Tellum 'bout him cleanum windows -- allee same song. Som...

Newspaper Article - 4 September 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 4 September 1914, Page 8. "On Tuesday night, some, time shortly after midnight, two of our well known citizens were rudely aroused from their slumbers by a noise in their back yard. The lady of the house went to i...

Newspaper Article - 5 February 1936 - reference to Chinatown

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"Editorial -- Sidney's Public Building Monday morning, February 3rd, 1936, saw the commencement of operations to construct Sidney's $18,000 public building. Work on the excavation for the basement got under way and is proceeding ap...

Newspaper Article - 6 December 1912 - Chinese gored by bull

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“Chinaman Gored To Death By Bull – Town Pung, a well-known Chinaman in the district as a farmer, also as a charcoal burner, was gored by a bull on Friday last and died as the result in the hospital on Saturday. The bull belongs to Mr. J. B. Knowle...

Newspaper Article - 6 February 1914 - death of Chinese

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Chinaman Meets Death In Runaway Accident A fatal accident happened to one of the Chinamen who bought Mr. Wray’s place recently. While driving a team hitched to a heavily laden wagon down the steep grade on the highway that leads from the West Saa...

Newspaper Article - 6 March 1914 - Chinese fined for cruelty to horse

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Chinaman Is Fined For Cruelty To His Horse For working a horse in an unfit condition, Jue Lee, a Chinaman gardener, was brought before Justices of the Peace Armstrong and White at the police court on Wednesday morning. Provincial Constable McDonal...

Newspaper Article - 6 March 1919 - Chinese building reference

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Sidney and Islands Review, 6 March 1919, Page 3. "The Sidney Mills, Limited, no doubt did much to establish the reputation of Sidney as a centre of industry by the erection of its huge new tile chimney, but the latest monument to attest the ...

Newspaper Article - 6 March 1919 - reference to Chinatown

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Sidney and Islands Review, “Trade Board Will Ask Premier To Intervene”,6 March 1919, Page 1 “Trade Board Will Ask Premier To Intervene …. Chief among the nuisances mentioned was that at the local Chinese quarter on Sixth Street, where a very filt...

Newspaper Article - 7 August 1919 - on Asian immigration

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Sidney and Islands Review, "The Review's Oriental Policy", 7 August 1919, Page 3. "The Review's Oriental Policy The attitude of The Review on the Oriental question should by this time be well known. We have on several o...

Newspaper Article - 8 October 1941 - memoriam for Chinese

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Home Call Of Wong See, Affectionately Known As ‘Black Jack’ By Edith A. Mason. I am sure many will miss the friendly smile of Wong See, his kindly ways had crept into the hearts of many people. I was so pleased to learn some loving hands have pro...

Newspaper Article - 9 February 1922 - police raid on Chinese premises

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“Police Raided Chinese Premises – While the majority of the Sidney residents were at the Auditorium last Saturday evening and enjoying the splendid programme provided by the management, there was an altogether different scene being enacted just a ...

Newspaper Article - date? 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, date? 1914. "The large pile of clam shells, the residue of the Sidney Trading Company's last winter's pack of celebrated Saanich clams, took its departure this week, thus removing from our wraft???? what ...

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