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Three round crocheted lace doilies in small, medium and large sizes. A note in the bag reads 'Tableshawl/Edwardian/Chinese Embroidery 1900-1910.'


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China platter with gold rim and edge, measures 10.25" in diameter. There is a Chinese character at the twelve o'clock position. To the right is a dragon (with four feet and no wings) facing into the centre. On the left is a bird with l...


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Blue silk embossed kimono. Black silk trim with coloured ribbon. Hand-stitched machine woven braid. Probably from Qing dynasty before 1911 and altered by someone non-Chinese; the sleeves are missing the embroidered border. Where the removed sl...


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Chinese language book called "Tung Wah Coffin Home & The Global Charity Network: selected archives source materials" by Ming Yip. Pages 216-217 have New Westminster content.


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Cotton embroidered "Chinese" slipper with leather sole. Primary colours are blue and grey.


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Dark green glass bottle with two horseshoes embossed on side and Chinese characters around the bottom.

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