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  • CA CVM CVM_002.59.6
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A black table runner with a red border and three multi-coloured, embroidered baskets with flowers, one in the centre and one at each end.


  • CA CVM CVM_002.59.5b
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Wide, loose-fitting, dark grey brocade pants with lighter grey floral design. Wide, off-white cotton band at waist. Fully lined. Part of a pantsuit that includes jacket CVM 002.59.5a.


  • CA CVM CVM_002.59.5a
  • Item

A short, loose-fitting tunic with high stand up collar and long sleeves. Frog closures on collar and right side. Grey, satin-finish silk with small, woven, black and white floral design sparsely scattered. All edges of jacket have a yellow, meta...


  • CA CVM CVM_002.59.1-.4
  • Item

Stone quern used to grind rice. Rice is mixed with water and put in the hollowed top stone. The wooden handle is turned to grind the rice. Each stone has small grooves on the friction sides. The ground rice comes out the large stone grooved spout....


  • CA CVM CVM_002.51.19
  • Item

Hand woven, Chinese-style wicker basket. Lid is missing beads in several spots. Bottom of basket has thick ring which supports the basket. There are many items inside including a tape measure, wool, thread, lace, cord, elastics and buttons.


  • CA CVM CVM_001.35.5-.78
  • Item

Seventy three separate white papers with blue writing from the Duncan Steam Laundry in Duncan. The papers consist of lists of articles of clothing followed by a price.


  • CA CVM CVM_001.35.4
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A pad of white papers with two columns on each paper that list articles of clothing such as skirts, towels, dresses, etc. It has a cardboard back.


  • CA CVM CVM_001.35.1
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A large rectangular pad of papers held together by pink glue across the top. The pad has a cardboard back and the papers are white with black writing.


  • CA CVM CVM_001.25.1
  • Item

A picture done in charcoal and pastel of Duncan's Chinatown in black, yellow, red and blue. It is in a black and gold frame with white and red matting. On the back of the frame it has "The Little Gallery Limited" stamped in blue.


  • CA CVM CVM_000.52.1
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A brown Chinese jar or jug used to hold liquid such as wine or soya sauce. It is made of brown pottery with a medium glaze on it. It has an opening on the top which is fairly small, and may have held a cork inside. Below that is a slender spout.

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