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  • CA KMS KMS_NH-987-011-001
  • Pièce

One fossilized(?) tooth. Likely from a hyracodontidae of some kind (prossibly a rhinoceros). Two partial roots. Some matrix still attached.


  • CA KMS KMS_E-989-024-002
  • Pièce

This object is a large white glass bowl with a flared lip around the top. The inside of the bowl is completely white although the glass is slightly transparent. Under the flared lip there is a red ring running around the top of the bowl. Attached ...

Spoon, Soup

  • CA KMS KMS_DG-977-450-002
  • Pièce

This object is a small soup spoon made of white glass. The scoop end of the spoon is in an oval shape with the handle rising up and out of the back of the scoop on a slight angle. The handle has a trough running down the center and the sides of th...

Figurine, Animal

  • CA KMS KMS_E-992-021-001
  • Pièce

This object is a lion figurine made of white stone with black flecks. The base of the figurine is composed of two rectangular platforms with a thick cube of stone in the middle. The bottom platform has a ridged edge and one corner is broken off. T...


  • CA KMS KMS_DC-977-233-001
  • Pièce

This metal trivet is golden coloured and in the shape of the Chinese character for happiness. The front is shiny and smooth, while the back was left rough. There are four legs on the back covered in plastic. There is also a circular hook on the ba...


  • CA KMS KMS_DC-977-235-001
  • Pièce

This metal trivet is in the form of the Chinese character for prosperity. It is shiny and polished on the top but left rough underneath. There are four legs underneath covered in plastic. There is also a circular hook on the back so that this coul...


  • CA KMS KMS_DC-982-247-001ab
  • Pièce

This object is a short and stout cylindrical basket with a removable circular lid. The basket is made of interwoven plant fibers. The container part of the basket has a light yellow and brown checkered pattern because of the two different colors o...


  • CA KMS KMS_DG-979-246-012
  • Pièce

This object is a white glass plate with a slightly raised thick edge. The bottom of the plate has a glass ring presumably to keep it from sliding and a red Chinese character is stamped on the bottom. On the top of the plate there are designs of bu...


  • CA KMS KMS_NC-983-233-001
  • Pièce

This object is a dark green jade pendant in the shape of a leaf. The object is almost completely round with a slight tip at the top and a small point at the bottom which gives the appearance of a small stem. The edges of the leaf are jagged and th...


  • CA KMS KMS_DE-970-023-003
  • Pièce

This object is a small rectangular piece of wood with eight ivory tabs running along the edges. The wood is a dark brown color with a shiny finish. Painted on the top of the wooden block is a flower design with short and long leaves in gold and bl...


  • CA KMS KMS_DC-976-016-005
  • Pièce

This object is a sterling metal dish with some tarnish on its surface. The dish is round with an indented base and a wide raised edge. The center of the dish is made of a smooth shiny metal where as the outer raised edge has a floral vine design o...


  • CA KMS KMS_E-988-016-005
  • Pièce

This object curved metal sheath that is used for the protection of long fingernails. The base of the sheath is cylindrical and hollow so that is can be placed on fingertips. The sheath then curves slightly until it reaches the pointed tip. The top...

Wan Quong Fonds

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084
  • Fonds

fonds consists of untranslated letters written in Chinese location of sender is unknown. Receipts and menus connected to city park café the Quong family business. Ticket and travel documents for Wan Quong from China to Victoria. A 1949 journal wri...

Photograph of Jim or Wan Quong

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084.002
  • Pièce

Photograph of Jim or Wan Quong stading on the steps of the City Park Café, which was located on the corner of Abbott Street and Harvey Avenue.

Portrait Photograph of Three Men

  • CA KMS KMS_2006.084.003
  • Pièce

Portrait photograph of three men. Possibly Wan Quong standing in the back. The two other men are possibly Jim Quong and Tape Kwong owners of City Park Café.

1965-1966 Chinese Yearbook B.C Mainland Edition

  • CA KMS KMS_2011.001c
  • Pièce

1965-1966 Chinese yearbook B.C Mainland Edition. Chinese and Japanese Business Firms, Historic Facts, and Important Information etc. Published by Chinese Canadian Press (Formerly Chinese-Canadian Publishing Co.)


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-976-012-001A-B
  • Pièce

1 Pair JEE HUR, warrior boots. Black silk ankle high boots with white silk diagonal lines interespersed with brass rounds. Pom poms and tassel on toe, flat sewn leather soles.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-002A
  • Pièce

1 silk, pleated skirt, bright orange silk satin with blue and turquoise silk and silver foil thread embroidery.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-006B
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Apron from Siu Kow General's Costume. Apron is pink silk with Steel blue, dark pink and black sequins. Pattern is accented with clear glass tube beads.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-006D
  • Pièce

1 5 piece General's Costume. Pink silk with satin decorate sequins. Includes shirt, skirt, 2 overskirts and a belt.


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-011A
  • Pièce

Skirt from Dai kow General's Costume. Skirk is pale green with steel blue, pink, purple, green and gold floral sequin pattern. Pattern is accented with glass tube beads, in same colours. The skirt is made of long thin fabric pieces attached t...


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-011C
  • Pièce

Three panelled apron from Dai kow General's Costume. Apron is pale green with steel blue, pink, purple, green, gold foral sequin pattern. Pattern is accented with glass tube beads, in same colour. Attached to bottom of apron are lace tassels....

Dai Kow

  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-760-012
  • Pièce

1 Dai Kow Accessory. 9 completely sequined narrow flaps, attached to cotton waistband. Centre flap with 3 tassels, all others with 2 tassels.

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