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Newspaper Article - 6 March 1919 - Chinese building reference

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Sidney and Islands Review, 6 March 1919, Page 3. "The Sidney Mills, Limited, no doubt did much to establish the reputation of Sidney as a centre of industry by the erection of its huge new tile chimney, but the latest monument to attest the ...

Newspaper Article - 20 February 1914 - on employment of Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "The Labor Question", 20 February 1914, Page 4. "The Labor Question The decision of the Sidney Island Brick and Tile Company, one of our local industries, to employ in future white labor only will be gre...

Newspaper Article - 27 February 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 27 February 1914, Page 1. "While blasting for the paving of the new road a Chinaman was recently killed. He had run for shelter to a fir tree and was standing behind another man when the blasts went off. The latt...

Newspaper Article - 2 September 1915 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 2 September 1915, Page 4. "There is now in the neighborhood of 350 white men and about 50 Chinamen employed on the works at James Island. The contractors are certainly rushing things over there and are working day...

Newspaper Article - 4 May 1922 - poem about Wong

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Wong Thanks James Island Rhymer", 4 May 1922, Page 1. "Wong Thanks James Island Rhymer Some fella, Sidney paper, lite 'bout old Wong, Tellum 'bout him cleanum windows -- allee same song. Som...

Newspaper Article - 13 January 1927 - Chinese person drowned

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Sidney and Islands Review, 13 January 1927. Page 2. "Believe Chinaman Drowned A Chinaman named Wong, emplayed by Lt.-Col. Harvey on Knapp Island, is believed to have been drowned returning from Sidney to Knapp Island Friday night! Wong car...

Newspaper Article - 10 February 1927 - Chinese New Year

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Sidney and Islands Review, 10 February 1927, Page 3. "The Chinese New Year celebrations went off with a bang locally. The fireworks display in Chinatown on Tuesday evening were quite spectacular."

Newspaper Article - 10 December 1925 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 10 December 1925, Page 5. "Notes By The Way by OBSERVER An anti-Oriental society in Victoria is advocating the return to all Chinese who desire to return to China all their head-tax. This has been advocated befor...

Newspaper Article - 17 September 1925 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, 17 September 1925, Page 5. "While many of our residents have been telling one another how good a place North Saanich would be for the greenhouse business, it remains for a Chinese Company to invest the money and bu...


  • CA SMA SMA_971.J.038
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Wine bottle, Chinese pottery.


  • CA SMA SMA_971.J.044
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Dish, small, porcelain, blue and white. Chinese sauce dish. Very old.


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Chinese basket with rectangular base, sides flare outward to an almost circular top. Top is open. Bamboo construction with base and ribs of thicker bamboo. Top rim is reinforced with four rows of thicker bamboo, body of basket is woven or narrow b...

Carrying Pole

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Wooden Chinese carrying pole with metal strips each side (nailed in) to hold straps in place. Slightly shaped. Long thin slightly flattened pole with flatter ends. About 8" from end of poles there are (at each end) two leather strips about on...


  • CA SMA SMA_972.J.530
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Transparent, deep green, glass bottle, circular base. No seams visible. Possibly contained wine. Mouth will take a cork stopper. Recorded as possibly Chinese. Cork inside of bottle.


  • CA SMA SMA_976. .241
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Chinese teapot. Orange flowers on white background. Bamboo handle.


  • CA SMA SMA_976. .246
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Basket with rectangular base and circular top. Recorded information "Chinese Basket. Made of Bamboo and cane". Top rim is wrapped with lighter coloured material--probably bamboo. Base is woven in a rectangular shape with a reinforcement ...


  • CA SMA SMA_976. .250
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Circular pottery lid (unglazed) from top of ginger jar similar to 976. .249. Circular paper label intact on top, printed in yellow, blue, green, red, brown. Label reads, "Tung Chun Canning Co. trademark. Cargo ginger in syrup, net weight 1 lb...


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Clear glass bottle, circular base sealed with cork and wax at mouth. Contains a fine powder of brown-cinnamon colour. Paper label printed with Chinese characters on side.


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Squat shaped pottery bottle or jug glazed with a brownish-black glaze. Chinese characters in raised lettering under glaze. p. 99-100, "Commonly called Tiger Whiskey Jug, this contained Ng-Ka-Py (like Saki)." Vol. 2. Western Canadian Bott...

Basket and Lid

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Rectangular basket with cover in the form of another similar basket which covers it completely. Woven in this shape, with a support provided only by a thick rim indicating that probably the basket was steamed or shaped over a form to obtain the re...


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Pair of chopsticks. Top end is square with right angle corners slightly rounded off, bottom end is rounded off completely.

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