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Chinese Catalog

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Chinese Catalog, c1925.


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Cylindrical tin container with printed paper label covering with cellophane (yellowed) over it. Papaer seals on base and top. Paper wrappers have been cut around the side of the container. Label has Chinese writing and Chinese/Japanese illustrations depicting a man and child and a girl with a cup and a package in her hand.

Newspaper Article - 2 January 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "The 'Whale' Came Back", 2 January 1914, Page 1.

"The 'Whale' Came Back
Some two or three weeks ago while out in his launch, Mr. F. Warrington discovered a huge dead black fish, or, as they are sometimes called, sulphur belly, floating in the water just outside the boom of the Canadian Southern Lumber Company. He attached a rope to the corpse and drew it up on the beach at the top of Second street. Of course a great many visitors wended their way to the beach to have a look at Mr. Warington's 'whale.' There it lay for several days while the owner tried to dispose of the carcas to Victoria dealers.
He was not successful and as a result the 'whale' was becoming a whale of a load on his hands, owing to the gentle odor it was beginning to throw off. How to dispose of it -- that was the question. After talking to a Chinaman who lives on an island close by for several hours he finally convinced the Celestial that there was several hundred dollars to be make out of the carcas by boiling it down for oil. The Chinaman took the bait and accordingly attached a line to the 'whale' and towed it to his island home. It must have been too strong even for him so he cut it loose and allowed it to drift out to sea again. Evidently the tide was setting in the right direction at the time as once more the huge dead fish was washed up on the beach close to Sidney and in front of Mr. R.G.R. McKenzie's residence. Mr. McKenzie immediately got busy on the telephone and, after a lengthy debate, finally convinced Mr. Warrington that the whale belonged to him and urgently requested him to move it at once, as its presence in that vicinity could be almost felt, by this time. A lasso was accordingly thrown over the huge head and once more it tow of a launch it wended its way seaward. We wonder if it will come back."

Newspaper Article - 26 March 1941 - Chinese suffers accident

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“Wong Tom, well known local vegetable Chinaman, is a patient at Rest Haven, having met with an accident while backing his horse and rig into his shed, becoming pinned beneath the roof and the rig. He is improving and says he will be around to his customers in a few days.”

Newspaper Article - 4 May 1922 - poem about Wong

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Wong Thanks James Island Rhymer", 4 May 1922, Page 1.

"Wong Thanks James Island Rhymer
Some fella, Sidney paper, lite 'bout old Wong,
Tellum 'bout him cleanum windows -- allee same song.
Some fella likee me -- him say velly good
Word fo' poor old Chinaman who chop allee wood.

Some time I be sick, maybe no can do,
Malceum licee, chow-chow, wen him gotum 'flu.'
White man, white lady, knockum Wong's door,
Bling him nicee lil cakee, soup, an' do him chore.

Wong savvy white man -- him good bossy man,
Him say, Wong no drinkee, no play fan-tan.
Old Wong no forgetee -- makeum feel heap good,
That wy Wong fee biddies, oilum floors, chop wood.
Jaxneueo Island, B.C., May 2, 1922."

Newspaper Article - 3 July 1914 - reference to Asian immigration

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Sidney and Islands Review, “London Takes It Up”, 3 July 1914, Page 2.

“London Takes It Up
London, June 20 – A message from Victoria, B.C., received a short time ago credited H. H. Stevens, federal member from Vancouver, with stating that the British government was being consulted on the subject of Hindu immigration. Inquiries go to show that the whole question of Asiatic immigration to Canada is being thoroughly gone ito Negotiations are proceeding between the home departments and the Canadian, Indian and Chinese governments with a view of arriving at some settlement under which the same condition of admission to the Dominion will be made applicable to Asiatics of all nationalities.”

Black Robe

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Red Robe

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Newspaper Article - 18 December 1935 - Chinatown being demolished

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“Chinatown Is Coming Down – ‘Chinatown,’ one of the oldest landmarks in Sidney, is fast disappearing as wreckers demolish the series of buildings between Fourth and Fifth Street on the south side of Beacon Avenue.
Bill Stacey and Len Bowcott have the contract of dismantling and they say ‘nothing will be left but the spot’ when they get through.
This nest of buildings has been an eyesore and a fire menace to the town for years and credit is due Constable Helmsing in finally securing an order from the attorney general’s department to have same removed.”

Newspaper Article - 4 December 1935 - Chinatown to be torn down

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“Chinatown Going Soon; To Be Torn Down – ‘Chinatown,’ on Beacon Avenue, as a fire hazard and an eye sore to the town of Sidney, is to be removed, according to word received this week from Constable Geo. Helmsing, local assistant fire marshall for the district of North Saanich. This news, we feel sure, will be greeted with unanimous approval from all sides.
Chinatown has been unoccupied, excepting for irresponsible parties since the closing of the mill here and since that time several small fires have broken out there which could easily have caused considerable damage had they not been checked.
Constable Helmsing, who is largely responsible for this change, has worked hard to bring the matter to a head, taking the problem up with the fire marshall’s department and later with the Attorney General’s department, with the result that these buildings were condemned on the grounds that ‘in their present condition they were a fire hazard and a serious menace to the surrounding district.’ Hence the order for removal.
Responsible parties are now being sought to tear down these buildings.”

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