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Chilliwack Museum and Archives

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Manuscript of Chilliwack's Chinatowns: A History

Manuscript entitled "Chilliwack's Chinatowns: A History" by Chad Reimer, PhD. The manuscript was published into a book of the same name by the Chinese Canadian Historical Society and the Initiative for Student Teaching and Research ...

Reimer, Chadwick T., 1963-

Portrait of group having tea in front of Hulbert house

  • CA CHL CHL_000119
  • Item
  • [ca.1896]

Photograph consists of portrait taken of a group seated around a table, having tea, outside of the Hulbert house in Sardis, ca. 1896. Individuals identified in group include, from left to right: Rachel McLeod (holding tea cup), Joe Banks, unidenti...

Booen, James Orville

Group portrait of the Yip On family

  • CA CHL CHL_007642
  • Item
  • [ca. 1903 to 1916]

Photograph consists of a formal studio group portrait of the Yip On family. Image shows the young couple with their two children. Child sitting between couple is seen holding on to a small toy, possibly a dog, with left hand. Father also has ri...


  • CA CHL CHL_1957.049.001a-b
  • Item

CM 2238 Chopsticks (A & B) Identical chopsticks; one end of each chopstick is rounded and the other flat; made of material which resembles ivory.


  • CA CHL CHL_1957.063.001
  • Item

CM 959 Ladle Black ladle with wide spoon; tapered handle; homemade handle; visible edging.

Chilliwack Athletic Club baseball team in Hope, BC

  • CA CHL CHL_004229
  • Item
  • [ca. 1926]

Photograph consists of group portrait of Chilliwack Baseball Team. Six men are standing behind three crouched men with baseball mitts and crossed bats. Front row: Mickey Burden, Gan Evans, Joe Erickson. Back row: Pete Toms (Yuen), Chuck Hyslop, ...

Chilliwack Baseball Team

  • CA CHL CHL_004312
  • Item
  • [ca.1939]

Photograph shows members of the Chilliwack baseball team at Hope. Signatures: "Left to right: Bill Evans, Rob Carruthers, Pete Toms (Yuen), Walter Smith "Goosey", Mickey Burden, Dan Evans, Joe Erickson, Ed Edgar, Arthur Graham".

Margaret Hepburn Interview

  • CA CHL CHL_Add. Mss. 405
  • Item
  • 1983

Outline and tape of an interview with Margaret (MacAdam) Hepburn. Subjects include: Caledonian Society, Cheam, Cheam School, Cheam United Church, Chilliwack High School, Chilliwack Museum & Historical Society, Chinese Cemetery, Hepburn's ...

Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.031.003
  • Item

CM 2247 Chinese Medicine Bottle Sheer-top; aqua in colour, square, rectangular shape; shape arched to one side; rounded top.


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.031.005
  • Item

CM 2269 Chinese Medicine Bottle Small, clear glass bottle; cylindrical shape with long neck; one side slightly flattened; body embossed with Chinese characters; applied lip.

Jar, Ginger

  • CA CHL CHL_1979.034.001
  • Item

CM 2277 Ginger Jar Shiny glaze on jar is brown and blue; wide-mouth with hole in center of base; unglazed base with sections of running glaze; Chinese origin.


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.038.004a-b
  • Item

CM 252 Saucepan (a) Pot; cast iron with offset handle; wide body with slightly narrowing at top; hollow, fluted-shaped handle; marked, "KENRICK / 6 PINTS". (b) Lid; tin; no markings.


  • CA CHL CHL_1982.014.007
  • Item

CM 2244 Tiger Whisky Ceramic glazed bottle, known as a "Tiger Whisky" is brown in colour with some black; bulbous shape with tapered neck turning into flared opening. Chinese origin.

Scarf, Table

  • CA CHL CHL_1988.003.002
  • Item

CM 3703 Table Scarf Silk with embroidery; square off-white, with pale pink, blue, gray, green floral and bird designs in Chinese style.


  • CA CHL CHL_1988.027.005
  • Item

CM 3811 Fan Green blue paper with water-colour floral design in dark green, light pink, dark pink and blue with silver veins on leaves and metallic brown band along top edge; paper glued to thin wooden struts attached to ivory struts near base/han...

Bottle, Chinese Medicine

  • CA CHL CHL_1991.013.001
  • Item

CM 4305 Medicine Bottle Clear glass; bubbled; Chinese (?) characters on round base; vertical sides; one/third bottle's height is neck and spout.

Bottle, Chinese Medicine

  • CA CHL CHL_1991.013.003a-b
  • Item

CM 4307 Medicine Bottle (a) green clear glass; bubbled; blown cylinder tapered slightly to base; rounded shoulder; crack through body visible; (b) sheer top neck broken away from body; vertical sided tube; rim of spout broken away and missing.

Shovel, Trenching

  • CA CHL CHL_1993.021.001
  • Item

CM 4699 Trenching Shovel Rectangular silver coloured cracked blade; handle meets shovel with 17.5cm wide lip; dark silver on one side, light silver on reserve side.

Reminiscences of Ethnicity in Chilliwack

  • CA CHL CHL_2012.070.001
  • Item
  • 2012

The manuscript contains two pages of reminiscences from Jack Ker about ethnicity in Chilliwack. This includes Jack's memories of Chinese, Japanese, Sikh, Roman Catholic and Anglican communities.

Ker, Jack

Edenbank Farm Group Portrait

  • CA CHL CHL_2004.052.0700
  • Item
  • 1899

Photograph consists of a group portrait at Edenbank farm, Sardis. Standing left to right: Gertrude Wells, Edwin Wells, Ray Wells, Harry Weeds, C.L. Reid, Frank Blackstock, Archie Atkinson, A.C. Wells. Seated left to right: Allen, Ernest Farrow, Mr...

Chinese Worker Wing at Edenbank Farm

  • CA CHL CHL_2004.052.0633
  • Item

Photograph shows a Chinese Canadian worker from Edenbank Farm, named Wing. Signatures: "Wing and the shed he lived in at Edenbank" is written on the back of the photograph.

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