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Portrait of group having tea in front of Hulbert house

  • CA CHL CHL_000119
  • Pièce
  • [ca.1896]

Photograph consists of portrait taken of a group seated around a table, having tea, outside of the Hulbert house in Sardis, ca. 1896. Individuals identified in group include, from left to right: Rachel McLeod (holding tea cup), Joe Banks, unidenti...

Booen, James Orville

Group portrait of the Yip On family

  • CA CHL CHL_007642
  • Pièce
  • [ca. 1903 to 1916]

Photograph consists of a formal studio group portrait of the Yip On family. Image shows the young couple with their two children. Child sitting between couple is seen holding on to a small toy, possibly a dog, with left hand. Father also has ri...


  • CA CHL CHL_1957.049.001a-b
  • Pièce

CM 2238 Chopsticks (A & B) Identical chopsticks; one end of each chopstick is rounded and the other flat; made of material which resembles ivory.


  • CA CHL CHL_1957.063.001
  • Pièce

CM 959 Ladle Black ladle with wide spoon; tapered handle; homemade handle; visible edging.

Chilliwack Athletic Club baseball team in Hope, BC

  • CA CHL CHL_004229
  • Pièce
  • [ca. 1926]

Photograph consists of group portrait of Chilliwack Baseball Team. Six men are standing behind three crouched men with baseball mitts and crossed bats. Front row: Mickey Burden, Gan Evans, Joe Erickson. Back row: Pete Toms (Yuen), Chuck Hyslop, ...

Chilliwack Baseball Team

  • CA CHL CHL_004312
  • Pièce
  • [ca.1939]

Photograph shows members of the Chilliwack baseball team at Hope. Signatures: "Left to right: Bill Evans, Rob Carruthers, Pete Toms (Yuen), Walter Smith "Goosey", Mickey Burden, Dan Evans, Joe Erickson, Ed Edgar, Arthur Graham".


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.031.003
  • Pièce

CM 2247 Chinese Medicine Bottle Sheer-top; aqua in colour, square, rectangular shape; shape arched to one side; rounded top.


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.031.005
  • Pièce

CM 2269 Chinese Medicine Bottle Small, clear glass bottle; cylindrical shape with long neck; one side slightly flattened; body embossed with Chinese characters; applied lip.

Jar, Ginger

  • CA CHL CHL_1979.034.001
  • Pièce

CM 2277 Ginger Jar Shiny glaze on jar is brown and blue; wide-mouth with hole in center of base; unglazed base with sections of running glaze; Chinese origin.


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.038.004a-b
  • Pièce

CM 252 Saucepan (a) Pot; cast iron with offset handle; wide body with slightly narrowing at top; hollow, fluted-shaped handle; marked, "KENRICK / 6 PINTS". (b) Lid; tin; no markings.


  • CA CHL CHL_1982.014.007
  • Pièce

CM 2244 Tiger Whisky Ceramic glazed bottle, known as a "Tiger Whisky" is brown in colour with some black; bulbous shape with tapered neck turning into flared opening. Chinese origin.

Scarf, Table

  • CA CHL CHL_1988.003.002
  • Pièce

CM 3703 Table Scarf Silk with embroidery; square off-white, with pale pink, blue, gray, green floral and bird designs in Chinese style.


  • CA CHL CHL_1988.027.005
  • Pièce

CM 3811 Fan Green blue paper with water-colour floral design in dark green, light pink, dark pink and blue with silver veins on leaves and metallic brown band along top edge; paper glued to thin wooden struts attached to ivory struts near base/han...

Bottle, Chinese Medicine

  • CA CHL CHL_1991.013.001
  • Pièce

CM 4305 Medicine Bottle Clear glass; bubbled; Chinese (?) characters on round base; vertical sides; one/third bottle's height is neck and spout.

Bottle, Chinese Medicine

  • CA CHL CHL_1991.013.003a-b
  • Pièce

CM 4307 Medicine Bottle (a) green clear glass; bubbled; blown cylinder tapered slightly to base; rounded shoulder; crack through body visible; (b) sheer top neck broken away from body; vertical sided tube; rim of spout broken away and missing.

Shovel, Trenching

  • CA CHL CHL_1993.021.001
  • Pièce

CM 4699 Trenching Shovel Rectangular silver coloured cracked blade; handle meets shovel with 17.5cm wide lip; dark silver on one side, light silver on reserve side.

Edenbank Farm Group Portrait

  • CA CHL CHL_2004.052.0700
  • Pièce
  • 1899

Photograph consists of a group portrait at Edenbank farm, Sardis. Standing left to right: Gertrude Wells, Edwin Wells, Ray Wells, Harry Weeds, C.L. Reid, Frank Blackstock, Archie Atkinson, A.C. Wells. Seated left to right: Allen, Ernest Farrow, Mr...

Chinese Worker Wing at Edenbank Farm

  • CA CHL CHL_2004.052.0633
  • Pièce

Photograph shows a Chinese Canadian worker from Edenbank Farm, named Wing. Signatures: "Wing and the shed he lived in at Edenbank" is written on the back of the photograph.


  • CA CHL CHL_1957.019.069
  • Pièce

CM 2240 Pipe Short stemmed bamboo pipe with brass bowl and brass and white metal mouthpiece; decorated with inlaid floral petals in three places; one set of floral stems engraved.

Container, Soya Sauce

  • CA CHL CHL_1957.034.001
  • Pièce

CM 2319 Soya Sauce Container Hand-made black earthenware pot, with a top opening and short spout. Chinese origin. ***Badly cracked.

Group portrait around table

  • CA CHL CHL_003561
  • Pièce

The photograph shows several men and women seated at dinner table, outdoors with Chinese servant.

Booen, James Orville

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