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Book from Chinatown, Cumberland B.C. Calculating Expenses and Income

  • CA CUMB 982.012.011
  • Pièce
  • 1929-01-1929-12

A: is a book calculating income and expenses for each month of the year (1929), it was likely from the Buddhist Temple that once stood in Chinatown, Cumberland B.C. B-H: is a letter inside of the book which was found in an old building (possibly the Gambling Hall) in Chinatown, Cumberland B.C.; Date: January 1929- December 1929.

Locomotive Model from Display

  • CA CUMB CUMB_2000.013.001
  • Pièce

This locomotive is a part of the Cumberland Museum's Chinatown display.

Calligraphy Scroll of Scene From “Shui Hu Zhuan”

  • CA CUMB CUMB_2000.015.001
  • Pièce

Scene depiction translated in the water margin.“Shui Hu Zhuan” is considered to be one of the 4 great novels of Chinese literature; the men depicted are members of the 108 stars of destiny, the main characters of the novel. Hazel Jordan owned hotel in.

Bamboo Fan with Box

  • CA CUMB CUMB_2000.017.002 (a-b)
  • Pièce

The company that manufactured this fan was founded in 1875.

Brass Tray for Scale

  • CA CUMB CUMB_2001.054.001
  • Pièce

This item is a tray for a Chinese Scale.

Iron Scale Weight

  • CA CUMB CUMB_2001.054.002
  • Pièce

This item is a Chinese scale weight.

Brass Spoon with Tassels

  • CA CUMB CUMB_2001.081.001
  • Pièce

This spoon is from Chinatown, Cumberland B.C.

Coiled Teapot Basket

  • CA CUMB CUMB_2002.005.001
  • Pièce

From Chinatown, Cumberland B.C.

Blue Tinted Glass Bottle

  • CA CUMB CUMB_2004.002.005
  • Pièce

This item was found in Chinatown, Cumberland B.C.

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