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  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.12
  • Item
  • [1900]

Maker's metal label "Lotus Flower Brand. Made in the People's Republic of China"

Arial View of Chinese Diggings

  • CA LYTT LYTT_P868 - A1998.11.091
  • Item

Colour photograph taken c.1983. Grey areas in centre of photograph are rocks left from Chinese water and placer mining area worked c.late 1800s. Located on west side of Fraser River, across the road from Earlscourt.

Boar Bones

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2005.11.02
  • Item

A selection from a large number of boar bones recovered - jaw, ribs, tusks, leg


  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.14.04
  • Item

Pale green clear glass, bubbles in glass, and crooked neck. Chinese characters embossed on shoulder. No marks on bottom.


  • CA LYTT LYTT_2009.08
  • Item

Grey glaze with blue leaves on exterior and rings and 'quarter note' inside.

Chinese Basket

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.08
  • Item

2 piece bamboo woven basket with glass ring, coins and beads

Chinese Coin

  • CA LYTT LYTT_1996.27
  • Item

Discoloured metal with Chinese characters

Chinese Mining Area

  • CA LYTT LYTT_P960 - A1999.06.002
  • Item

Colour photograph taken by donor in 1998 of 'walls' on Chinese mining site located on west side of Fraser river across road from Earlscourt.

Chinese Mining Site

  • CA LYTT LYTT_P962 - A1999.06.004
  • Item

Colour photograph taken by donor in 1998 View of rocks left on Chinese mining site on the west side of the Fraser River across from Earlscourt.


  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.13.06
  • Item

White interior Outside decorated with Chinese characters and flowers

Dowager Empress of China

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.31.03
  • Item

Framed print - original photograph taken c. 1903 Empress dressed as Kwan Yin, with two attendants. Taken by Princess Der Ling, lady-in-waiting

Dowry Dishes

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.09
  • Item

2 sauce dishes each with white glaze with vines and flowers on the interior, and gold trim on rims Marked on the bottom with characters for "Fifth Child"

Embroidered Picture

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.01
  • Item

Silk thread on silk backing. Picture is of Phoenix & dragon (looks more like a dog with a split tail) Phoenix is in beige thread, dragon in pink. There are flowers of various pastel colours.

Emperor Pu Yi

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.31.02
  • Item

Framed print - original photograph taken c.1908 Last Emperor of China, with Empress, ladies-in-waiting and dignitaries

Empress and Western Ladies

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.31.01
  • Item

Framed print - original photo c1903 Dowager Empress Tz'u - hsi, seated, with delegation of western ladies: Mrs. Evans, wife of American Minister to Peking; Mrs. Conger, wife of American Admiral and Miss Carl, portrait painter.

Fish Net Float

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.13.03
  • Item

Clear glass ball with closed top

Flat Iron

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.09
  • Item

Cast iron, , no visible means of holding it or a place for a handle

Food Bowl

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.13.07
  • Item

Half a bowl Grey with dark grey leaf pattern on outside and rings on bottom inside

Ginger Pot

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2008.13.6
  • Item

6-sided, mottled green glaze finish with embossed Chinese designs and characters

Ho Hsien-Ko Statue

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.03
  • Item

Porcelain female figure in colourful patterned kimono.

Ink Block Box

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.02
  • Item

Metal 2 piece box, with incised and blacked characters on the lid section

Ink Tray, Ink and Pens

  • CA LYTT LYTT_200.13.01
  • Item

Tray has ridge around a sloping top. Ink block appears to be half a unit. One pen has hair nib

Jadeite Bracelet

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.04
  • Item

Polished jadeite rings connected by metal links with Chinese characters

Liquor Bottle

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2001.18.08
  • Item
  • [1890]

Main body mottled brown, neck dark brown. Neck appears to be glued on.


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