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Ethnic Research Study Series
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File consists of typewritten notes relating to the Chinese Ethnic Study undertaken by the Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society. Notes include a transcript of an interview with Bob Maitland (1979), interview with Mrs. Jack Robinson (1979), interview with Maxine Smith (1979), interview with Frank Hall, and an interview with Wally Chung (1979). File contains two copy photographs: 1) Wally Chung's parents tombstones and 2) Chinese graveyard marking stones at Little Mountain cemetery

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File consists of copies of secondary literature about Chinese-Canadians in British Columbia. The file also contains correspondence of the Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society's Jessica Sutherland, Ethnic Researcher.

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Chinese graveyard markers

Black and white copy photograph showing two large stones in a lawn side by side, each with Chinese writing engraved.

Signatures: "Photo of stones marking site of festivities at Chinese graveyard. Also located at Little Mountain with Chung's parents - the stones were at one time on top of a small hill next to the tree on left, but the hill was levelled and the stones were moved." Written on back of the photograph.

Ethnic Research Study Series

  • CA CHL CHL_AM 257
  • Série organique
  • 1979

The series consists of collected information on the Dutch, Ukrainian, East Indian, Chinese, German, and Mennonite communities of B.C., and particularly of Chilliwack compiled by Jessica A. Sutherland, Ethnic Research employed by the Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society in 1979 as part of a Ethnic Research Study. The series includes summaries of interviews with immigrants, photocopies of printed items, photographs, and research notes.

File list:

  1. Dutch-Canadians
  2. Ukrainian-Canadians
  3. Indo-Canadians
  4. Chinese-Canadians
  5. Chinese-Canadians
  6. Chinese-Canadians
  7. German-Canadians
  8. Mennonites

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File contains notes from an interview with Wally Chung, notes on Chinese headstones in Chilliwack's cemetery, and photocopies from police court record books of Chinese cases tried, 1909-1911.

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Chung family headstones

Black and white copy photograph showing a Chinese headstone of the Chung family written in both Chinese and English. Names on headstone read: Chung Bing Kee Father and Chung LIm Shee Mother.

Signatures: "Photo of tombstones belonging to Wally Chung's parents, located at Little Mountain Cemetery, just before the Legion Cemetery under a big tree on right side of road (slightly to right of tree, on the slope of a small hill)." Written on back of the photograph.