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Box includes miscellaneous counter cheque books from 1933.

Hong, Bill (Wong Mon Hong)


Box includes counter cheque books from 1935–1936.

Hong, Bill (Wong Mon Hong)


Box includes miscellaneous receipts and counter cheque books from the 1930s and 1940s.

Hong, Bill (Wong Mon Hong)


Box includes letters in English from 1935–1942.

Hong, Bill (Wong Mon Hong)


1 box of items including tax documents for property assessment, a home-made notebook on Canadian history and culture, a notebook on English grammar, English literature, European history, and science. Also includes a membership certificate for the ...

Hong, Bill (Wong Mon Hong)


1 box of ledgers and notebooks from 1928–1938. Includes receipt books and an account book in English and Chinese.

Hong, Bill (Wong Mon Hong)


1 box of ledgers from 1933–1937. Includes freight books, a hotel register from 1928–1935, and a store account book from 1929–1931.

Hong, Bill (Wong Mon Hong)


1 box of ledgers in English and Chinese characters from 1933–1937.

Hong, Bill (Wong Mon Hong)

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