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  • CA CHL CHL_1957.019.069
  • Pièce

CM 2240 Pipe Short stemmed bamboo pipe with brass bowl and brass and white metal mouthpiece; decorated with inlaid floral petals in three places; one set of floral stems engraved.

Container, Soya Sauce

  • CA CHL CHL_1957.034.001
  • Pièce

CM 2319 Soya Sauce Container Hand-made black earthenware pot, with a top opening and short spout. Chinese origin. ***Badly cracked.


File contains notes from an interview with Wally Chung, notes on Chinese headstones in Chilliwack's cemetery, and photocopies from police court record books of Chinese cases tried, 1909-1911.

Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society

Group portrait around table

  • CA CHL CHL_003561
  • Pièce

The photograph shows several men and women seated at dinner table, outdoors with Chinese servant.

Booen, James Orville

Side view of river steamer S.S. Gladys locked in river ice

  • CA CHL CHL_001089
  • Pièce
  • [ca.190-]

Photograph consists of a front 3/4 view of steam ship S.S. Gladys, locked in river ice in winter. A total of eight unidentified men are posing on the large two-tiered sternwheeler. Five men are seen standing on the bow of the ice bound ship. Th...

Leary, Frederick Gordon

Dorothy (Chung) Kostrzewa Interview

  • CA CHL CHL_Add. Mss. 419
  • Pièce
  • 1983

Interview with Dorothy (Chung) Kostrzewa. Signed consent form, 5 page tape outline, copies of essays from other Add.Mss collections relating to Chinese in Chilliwack, and a 11 page transcription of Tape 1 and 2.

Chilliwack Museum and Historical Society

Chilliwack Heritage Advisory Committee fonds

  • CA CHL CHL_Add. Mss. 815
  • Fonds
  • 1981-1990

The fonds consists of files of buildings of historical significance, subject files, an essay entitled: "Chinatown - Chilliwack" on the history of the Chinese community in Chilliwack, and a map of Chilliwack showing settlement pattern, 18...

Chilliwack Heritage Advisory Committee

Jar, Food-Storage

  • CA CHL CHL_1965.010.001
  • Pièce

CM 2318 Food-Storage Jar Hand-made brown glazed pottery jar; wide-mouth; unglazed base with exception of bottom of jar; uneven glazing throughout; Chinese origin.


  • CA CHL CHL_1977.029.003
  • Pièce

CM 2039 Shawl Half-moon shape shawl; burgundy; tassles around exterior/circular edge; floral design 4cm down from top straight edge.


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.033.004
  • Pièce

CM 2272 Bottle Clear glass, cylindrical shape; applied lip, this chipped and leads to a hole in the neck; embossed on base: "176"; light purple residue and design inside.


  • CA CHL CHL_1979.033.007
  • Pièce

CM 2276 Chinese Medicine Bottle Clear glass, cylindrical bottle; bubbles present in glass; applied lip; Chinese character on base.

Bottle, Chinese Medicine

  • CA CHL CHL_1982.015.001
  • Pièce

CM 228 Chinese Medicine Bottle Rectangular bottle in 2 fragments; sheer top; glass has a green tint.

Bottle (Grave Marker)

  • CA CHL CHL_1985.035.001a-c
  • Pièce

CM 1746 Bottle (Grave Marker) Clear glass bottle with cork; intact cork; fluted-neck of bottle; containing roll of muslin/canvas with writing evident.

Can, Spray

  • CA CHL CHL_1987.035.001
  • Pièce

CM 3598 Spray or Watering Can Cylindrical container, closed top and bottom; raised hole in top; tube-like piece soldered across top; with narrow end next to small hole in top; wider end extends past edge of top. Made by Jon Cheung; with two Chines...


  • CA CHL CHL_1990.028.002a-f
  • Pièce

CM 4186 Pipe Six nickel [?] pieces fitted together; pipe (A) with long slender neck vertical from six-sided base container; small spout protrudes vertically from this; neck at 45 degree angle just before upper end; tobacco [?] container. (B) six-s...

Cover, Table

  • CA CHL CHL_1997.053.001
  • Pièce

CM 5284 Table Cover Round cream coloured cotton table cover with scalloped edge; floral embroidered pattern in a darker cream.

Aerial view of Chinatown South

  • CA CHL CHL_004750
  • Pièce
  • 1947

Photograph consists of an aerial view of Yale Road West where Chilliwack's Chinatown south was located until 1934 when it was destroyed by fire. On the east side of the highway is the Chinese Masonic Hall at 136 Yale Road West which was the o...

Lewis, Marion

Chilliwack's Chinatowns Book Correspondence

  • CA CHL CHL_2010.012-CHL_2015.070-001
  • Dossier
  • 2011/12/02
  • Partie de Chad Reimer fonds

File consists of a letter from Chad Reimer to Ron Denman, Director of the Chilliwack Museum and Archives recommending a suggested location for a plaque marking Chilliwack's former Chinatown. The letter includes a map marking desired location.

Reimer, Chadwick T., 1963-

Chilliwack's Chinatowns Census, 1911

File contains author's original handwritten notes about the 1911 Census and the sub-district of Chilliwack; specifically the Chinese population.

Reimer, Chadwick T., 1963-

Chin Ying Tai

File consists of notes on prominent Chinese individuals compiled and written by Dr. Reimer; Chin Ying Tai.

Reimer, Chadwick T., 1963-

Chong Dock

File consists of notes on prominent Chinese individuals compiled and written by Dr. Reimer; Chong Dock.

Reimer, Chadwick T., 1963-

Hip Wo Lung

File consists of notes on prominent Chinese individuals compiled and written by Dr. Reimer; Hip Wo Lung.

Reimer, Chadwick T., 1963-

Kwong Shing Co.

File consists of notes on prominent Chinese individuals compiled and written by Dr. Reimer; Kwong Shing Co.

Reimer, Chadwick T., 1963-

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