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  • CA KMS KMS_DC-977-294-001
  • Pièce

The handle of the dustpan is a long cylindrical rod of wood which is attached to the backside of the dustpan in a vertical position. The handle has a rounded top and the wood is light brown in color and smooth. Near the bottom end a notch was cut ...

Bottle, Medicine

  • CA KMS KMS_DG-977-243-001
  • Pièce

This object is a small medicine bottle which is made of clear glass and wrapped in paper labels. The main body of the object cylindrical, short and stout with a flat bottom. The shoulders of this bottle curve inward before a long, thin, cylindrica...


  • CA KMS KMS_DG-977-248-001
  • Pièce

This object is a small circular ceramic dish which has a small ring on the bottom as its base. The base is unfinished ceramic to keep the dish from sliding on the table. The rest of the dish is small but deep and made of a off white ceramic that h...


  • CA KMS KMS_HK-984-036-001
  • Pièce

This object is a square piece of thin cream cloth. Around the edge of the cloth piece there is a small border sewn. The cloth is really thin as you can see through it. On the surface of this scarf there is a bunch of different Chinese symbols and ...

Photograph of Kuo Min Tang Building

  • CA KMS KMS_1978.002.006
  • Pièce

Photograph of the front exterior of the Kuo Min Tang builidng of the Chinese Nationalist party in Chinatown Kelowna.

Postcard of Kuo Min Tang Building

  • CA KMS KMS_1978.002.007
  • Pièce

Postcard photograph of the front exterior of the Kuo Min Tang builidng of the Chinese Nationalist party in Chinatown Kelowna.

Cookbook by Tom Wone

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-992-058-001
  • Pièce

Published in 1922 and written by Tom Wone this is a Cook Book called Chef's Reminder which is written in Chinese with small amounts of English interspersed throughout the text.

Chinese Almanac

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-493
  • Pièce

A book published by Hong Ming Bros. Printing Press in Hong Kong. A almanac also known as a "Book of Calendar" which is written in Chinese. The text is mainly black interspered with some red lettering and images. The book has a red cover ...

Chinese Book - One Year in Soviet Russia

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-463
  • Pièce

Published in Shanghai in 1923 this book written by Kiang Kang-Hu is titled 'One Year in Soviet Russia'. The author (whose photograph appears directly after the table of contents) observes the lifestyle, politics, and sights of Russia in ...

Chinese Book - Bright Hot Treasure Rules

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-461
  • Pièce

Published Canton City (no. 7 block) bookstore in China. The titled translated literally mean "Bright Hot Treasure Rules". It is a book of moral guidelines, following the philosophy of Confucious, to help Chinese citizens develop good hab...

Chinese-English Calendar - 1965

  • CA KMS KMS_2013.001a
  • Pièce

This is a Bank of Montreal calendar for 1965 which is in both English and Chinese. The calendar has a picture of Chinese men and women dressed in full Chinese robes and standing outside of what is presumably a temple. The calendar is stapled onto ...

Personal Notebook

  • CA KMS KMS_MS-985-001-286
  • Pièce

A personal notebook c. 1920 containing musical notation, herbal (medicinal) recipes, and cooking recipes.

Personal Account Book

  • CA KMS KMS_MS-985-001-278
  • Pièce

An personal account book c. 1934 belonging to Wong Wo from Sing Lay-long, a Chinese grocery store in Vernon. The account book is written in Chinese and bound down the side with string.

Wong Association Ledger - 1947-1960

  • CA KMS KMS_MS-985-001-281
  • Pièce

1947-1960 ledger of the accounting information for building maintenance, membership fees, rent, and contributions to the Wong Association. There is a switch from traditional brush and ink to fountain pen midway through the ledger. Written in Chine...

Chinese Books - Abacus Book

  • CA KMS KMS_PB-985-470a-e
  • Pièce

Published by Ching-Chang Bookstore in Shanghai this set of books it titled 'Abacus Book'. These books are a mathematical handbook in four flatbound volumes encased in a blue folding cardboard cover. The books are written in Chinese.

Piece, Calendar

  • CA KMS KMS_DC-974-057-004a-d
  • Pièce

This calendar cards are made of a very thin and pliable wooden material. They are rectangular in shape and each corner has been cut off at an angle. Both sides of these pieces have been painted with an olive green border. In the center of the card...

Jar, Ginger

  • CA KMS KMS_DG-974-003-004
  • Pièce

This object is a ceramic jar that is hexagonal in shape. The sides of the jar are flat with slightly rounded edges. On each of the six sides there is some Chinese lettering imprinted on the jar and the sides are finished with a shiny blue colored ...

String, Instrument

  • CA KMS KMS_DE-977-001-007a,b
  • Pièce

A: The body of the instrument is an oblong shaped half of a coconut shell. The rounded back side of the body is a dark brown/maroon color and has a glossy finish on the wood. In the center of the back there is a carving in the surface of the shell...


  • CA KMS KMS_DE-977-001-002
  • Pièce

The body of the guitar is large and circular. The edges of the body have been stained a dark brown color while the top and bottom surface are a smooth unfinished wood. The top panel of wood has some cracks running down its surface. Attached near t...


  • CA KMS KMS_DE-973-059-001
  • Pièce

This drum is made of a domed piece of wood that has a large hole running directly through the center of it. The bottom of the wood is flat and circular before curving downward and inward at the bottom giving the drum its domed shape. The wood is a...


  • CA KMS KMS_DG-983-104-001
  • Pièce

Rectangular paper product box for toothpicks. The front is yellow with a bamboo in green on the side. The top of the front say "YAQIAN" and there are Asian language characters underneath. There is a golden coloured border around the top....


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-977-762-003
  • Pièce

The inside of this skirt has no lining except for the yellow silk backing on the black silk fabric that is the border of the skirt. The black silk fabric creates a thick border around the main mustard colored silk fabric that makes up the rest of ...


  • CA KMS KMS_DA-979-161-001a-b
  • Pièce

This object is a pair of silk and cloth shoes with decorative embroidery on the sides. The shoes are like flats with a think unfinished leather base that is rounded in the front and back. Running around the outside of the sole and across the middl...

Brush, Paint

  • CA KMS KMS_DC-975-023-009
  • Pièce

The main body of the object is made from brown wood that is possibly bamboo. The handle is cylindrical with a hole in the end. In the top of the cylindrical piece of wood there are short bristles inserted which make up the tip of the brush. The br...

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