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Fee Statement

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(Translated by: Sen-Shou Lin June, 4th, 1988).

Chinese Christmas Card from The Mah Society

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This card is from The Mah Society; it reads: “Happy New Year, Bow from the Member of the North America Mah Society Headquarters.”

The Mah Society

Pamphlet on ''Daily Rules for Christians'' by R.A. Jaffray

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The Pamphlet includes daily rules and guides to good Christian living; written by J. R. Jaffray and published by Preaching Bookstore, Ujo City, Gwangsi Province, China. A full translation of this pamphlet is available.

R.A. Jaffray

Kim Jung

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Resident of Nanaimo at work.


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Wooden abacus with brass hardware and the words "Chee Kong Tong Society", also known as the Nelson Chinese Masonic Lodge, written in Chinese calligraphy on the back in gold.

Newspaper Article - 2 October 1914 - reference to Chinese merchant

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Sidney and Islands Review, 2 October 1914, Page 8. “Quong Lee Luen, the Chinese merchant, has moved his stock of provisions and other goods into his new store, two doors west of his present location on Beacon avenue, on Wednesday of this week. ...

Newspaper Article - 25 September 1914 - reference to Chinese store

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Sidney and Islands Review, 25 September 1914, Page 1. “Dominion Government Buys Post Office Site The Dominion Government have at last completed arrangements for the purchase of the post office site in Sidney. The property purchased is on the cor...

Newspaper Article - 6 March 1919 - reference to Chinatown

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Sidney and Islands Review, “Trade Board Will Ask Premier To Intervene”,6 March 1919, Page 1 “Trade Board Will Ask Premier To Intervene …. Chief among the nuisances mentioned was that at the local Chinese quarter on Sixth Street, where a very filt...

Newspaper Article - 24 April 1919 - on Chinese population

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Sidney and Islands Review, 24 April 1919, Page 2. "The Canadian Registration Board states in its report that there were 186,747 males over 16 years of age in B.C. on June 22, 1918, of which 63,479 were aliens, including 27,422 Chinese."

Newspaper Article - 25 September 1919 - on the 'Oriental Menace'

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Sidney and Islands Review, "The Oriental Menace", 25 September 1919, Page 4. "The Oriental Menace" The Oriental, the Chinese, the Japanese and the Hindus, are taking a most important place in the development of British Columbi...

Newspaper Article - 27 November 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Many Cases Of Clams Are Being Packed Each Day", 27 November 1914, Page 1. "Many Cases Of Clams Are Being Packed Each Day .... The present staff is capable of putting up about 85 to 90 cases during a te...

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