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  • CA SMA SMA_971.J.037
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Stone ware pottery jug - squat shape, glazed dark brown outside. Has mouth that will take a cork stopper and a small spout to pour with. Described as "soya sauce pot" & illustrated pgs. 99-100 Vol. 2. Western Canadian Bottle Collecti...

Scale, Box

  • CA SMA SMA_992.017.001 a-c
  • Pièce

a) wooden case, shaped like a violin; two sections carved out and joined at the long end with a ring around the handle which can be pulled up and it holds the two parts together. b) ivory rod, sectioned off with black dots and lines; it also has t...


  • CA SMA SMA_972.J.495
  • Pièce

Wooden dowel of unknown wood-probably hardwood with a diamond shaped end and carved hand. Hand shape is hand carved from bone or ivory. Recorded as a "Chinese, bone".

Teapot and Cup

  • CA SMA SMA_985.007.002 a-b
  • Pièce

Teacup is glazed in white, with black trim around rim. There is a picture of a dog leaping at a tree. Teapot is dark brown/black. Rounded shape with unglazed base. A small one inch long spout protrudes from upper portion, close to top. Opening is ...

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