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Cylindrical tin container with printed paper label covering with cellophane (yellowed) over it. Papaer seals on base and top. Paper wrappers have been cut around the side of the container. Label has Chinese writing and Chinese/Japanese illustratio...

Newspaper Article - 2 January 1914 - reference to Chinese

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Sidney and Islands Review, "The 'Whale' Came Back", 2 January 1914, Page 1. "The 'Whale' Came Back Some two or three weeks ago while out in his launch, Mr. F. Warrington discovered a huge dead black fish, or, a...

Newspaper Article - 26 March 1941 - Chinese suffers accident

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“Wong Tom, well known local vegetable Chinaman, is a patient at Rest Haven, having met with an accident while backing his horse and rig into his shed, becoming pinned beneath the roof and the rig. He is improving and says he will be around to his...

Newspaper Article - 4 May 1922 - poem about Wong

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Sidney and Islands Review, "Wong Thanks James Island Rhymer", 4 May 1922, Page 1. "Wong Thanks James Island Rhymer Some fella, Sidney paper, lite 'bout old Wong, Tellum 'bout him cleanum windows -- allee same song. Som...

Newspaper Article - 3 July 1914 - reference to Asian immigration

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Sidney and Islands Review, “London Takes It Up”, 3 July 1914, Page 2. “London Takes It Up London, June 20 – A message from Victoria, B.C., received a short time ago credited H. H. Stevens, federal member from Vancouver, with stating that the Brit...

Newspaper Article - 18 December 1935 - Chinatown being demolished

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“Chinatown Is Coming Down – ‘Chinatown,’ one of the oldest landmarks in Sidney, is fast disappearing as wreckers demolish the series of buildings between Fourth and Fifth Street on the south side of Beacon Avenue. Bill Stacey and Len Bowcott have ...

Newspaper Article - 4 December 1935 - Chinatown to be torn down

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“Chinatown Going Soon; To Be Torn Down – ‘Chinatown,’ on Beacon Avenue, as a fire hazard and an eye sore to the town of Sidney, is to be removed, according to word received this week from Constable Geo. Helmsing, local assistant fire marshall for ...

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