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Glass bead

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1995.53.1
  • Item

White Chinese fan tan bead for gambling, possibly pre-1890, found at an excavation in New Westminster.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.1532.1
  • Item

Scale with a wooden base and weight at one end, shaped like ball. The other end is a plate of about 19 cm in diameter. The base is about 64 cm long; the weight and plate are rusted.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX985-0266
  • Item

Ceramic bowl. The bowl has large relief figures across the face, with two Chinese men. The man on left is in green robes, the man on the right in blue. Both are bald with long trailing horn-like hair; the man in blue has a branch in his hands go...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_X982.436.1
  • Item

Small trunk. It is covered in brown leather. The letters "C.F.C." are painted in black on the right side end panel. There are Chinese labels on it. The translations are 'Company Hing Shun Tai Retail Store, everything, gift boxes, h...

Tea cup

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.360.3
  • Item

China tea cup with gold rim and handle. It has a Chinese character on each side, to the left of the handle is a dragon (four feet, no wings); on the right of the handle is a long plumaged bird, with a flower in its beak. On the bottom are the word...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.1044.12
  • Item

Soy sauce pot. This is brown pottery from the 1910-1930 period. Found in the soil beneath the Burr (Columbia) Theatre.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.1044.22
  • Item

Spoon porcelain fragment. Found in the soil beneath the Burr (Columbia) Theatre.

Sewing Machine Accessories

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2012.20.3
  • Item

Contents of sewing machine (IH2012.20.2a-b) which was found in IH2012.20.1b, the sewing machine's drawer. This series consists of accessories such as bobbins, screw drivers, presser feet, shuttles, a belt fragment, and other items. From a C...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2012.20.5A-B
  • Item

Miniature oilcan for a sewing machine, found in IH2012.20.1b, a sewing machine drawer (from the donation of a sewing machine, IH2012.20.2a-b). The contents are: .5A-oil can base, a half sphere with a flat bottom, and .5B-lid and nozzle for oil ca...

Flashcards with Box

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1980.30.13A-B
  • Item

The paper box reads 國音方字圖解 and is filled with square flashcards. The falshcards show the character on one side with the Bopomofo or Zhuyin method of transcription on the right of each character, along with a description below each character. The...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.7
  • Item

Large shears measuring 32 cm long (with a 14-cm cutting edge). The knuckle padding is sewn on. The donor's father came to Victoria around 1917, while his wife and children remained in China. He later moved to New Westminster, then Vancouver...

Green Chinese Dress

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2006.181.15
  • Item

Short-sleeved green dress with high band collar. The armpit-to-neck slash opening has snap closures. The donor's father came to Victoria around 1917, while his wife and children remained in China. He later moved to New Westminster, then Vanc...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.651.1
  • Item

Blue silk embossed kimono. Black silk trim with coloured ribbon. Hand-stitched machine woven braid. Probably from Qing dynasty before 1911 and altered by someone non-Chinese; the sleeves are missing the embroidered border. Where the removed sl...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.1015.1
  • Item

Chinese figurine of a woman wearing traditional Dutch attire. Her apparel is a light blue hat, a dark blue apron, a pink skirt, brown shoes and a black jacket.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1988.87.73
  • Item

Base and partial portion of the side of a black ceramic jar of Chinese origin. Poor condition.

Ceramic jug

  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2009.204.1
  • Item

Brown ceramic jug with small pour spout near the centre, central opening suitable for corking. There is a chip in the rim. Unglazed bottom, slightly concave. Dirty, might have been an item dug up. Large deep crack, but has not broken. Possibly fo...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1997.24.1
  • Item

Wooden stool. It has a rectangular seat with two straight board legs with inverted "V" cut outs at the bottom of both legs, creating four feet. The donor said it was from the Chinese Benevolent Association on Victoria Street in New Westm...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1996.47.16
  • Item

Small, round china plate with a colourful Chinese scene depicting three people. There is a linear zigzag pattern around the border.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH2003.39.1
  • Item

Brown-glazed stoneware vessel used for storing and transporting a wide variety of foodstuffs. Very likely Chinese.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1997.32.1
  • Item

Large wicker basket/suitcase with a handle. The suitcase has a dark brown border, with strips of light brown decorating, leather patching on the corners. "CC Shiu" is written in black on one side; on the other in the label holder is &q...


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IHX1987.974.1A-B
  • Item

Faded purple round squat basket and lid. There are bead handles on the lid and a bow decoration. The handle is on the centre and has Chinese characters.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1962.6.2A-B
  • Item

Tall Chinese vase and lid. The word "CHINA" is stamped on the bottom.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1962.6.8
  • Item

Framed picture painted on silk with very heavy glass. Depicted are probably Chinese people. One man in fancy dress with a hat is sitting on a black pedestal. From Mary Aline Cox.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1980.30.18
  • Item

Wooden handled ink stamp with four Chinese characters.


  • CA NWM_ NWM_IH1980.30.20.1
  • Item

Wooden handled metal ink stamp with five Chinese characters.

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