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Letter Regarding Payment

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.020.067
  • Pièce
  • 02-29

Translation: “ I received your letter and fifteen dollars yesterday….Every person is doing his best to…”; Date: Feb 29th; (Translated by: Sen-Shou Lin June, 4th, 1988).

Royal Bank Deposit Slip

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.020.050
  • Pièce
  • 1928-10-06

This is a deposit slip from the Royal Bank with Chinese notes on the back. There is also an accounting report attached to the letter which was likely written to an absent partner.

Royal Bank

Envelope Addressed to Foo Yuen Co.

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.020.048
  • Pièce
  • 1931

The envelope (A) is addressed to Foo Yuen Co. Cumberland B.C. There is a letter inside (B). Photographed: 982.020.048 A.

Chinese Nationalist League Membership Card

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.020.011
  • Pièce
  • 1918-1927

This is an identity/ membership card from 1918. The owner was a long-time member of the Nationalist League from 1918-1927 at the very least.

Hong On Tai Inn

Outdoor Portrait of a Chinese Family

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.012.017
  • Pièce
  • [before 1929]

The people identified in this photo are: (L to R) Mah Yuen Lee, Child, Mah Sui Heng, and Eva Mah (in plaid skirt). Pre 1929.

The Tso Family

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.012.015
  • Pièce
  • [ca.192-]

The Tso family members identified in this photo are: (L to R) Dorothy, Ada, Mrs. Tso, John, Mr. Tso, Loy, and Tommy.

Fai Jung with a Car

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.012.013
  • Pièce
  • [ca. 192-]

Fai Jung’s Father was shot in this car for political reasons.

Sunon Wo. Co Merchandise Store in Chinatown, Cumberland B.C.

  • CA CUMB CUMB_982.012.007
  • Pièce
  • [ca.192-]

The people identified in this photo are: (L to R) David Ho Lowe (Chung How Lowe), John Tso (Coconut), Fook Hing Tso, Unidentified person, Philip Ping Lowe, Unidentified person, George Yin Lowe (Chung Yin Low), Bill Hong Lowe (Chung Hong Lowe), Cha...

Chinese Suitcase from 1880

  • CA CUMB CUMB_981.362
  • Pièce
  • 1880

The item in this photo is a Chinese suitcase that is partially cleaned. Note the address label and where it has been.

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