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Medicine Bottles

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.14.01
  • Pièce

Set of 2 similar bottles. Glass tube with pale green glass surround.

Rocker Lard Can

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2003.01
  • Pièce

Used as part of Chinese 'rocker'. Numerous holes in the bottom , and 2 larger holes in sides. On one side is "Chicago St. Louis The NK Fairbank Co. Lard Compound ...

Rice Bowls

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2004.06
  • Pièce

3 bowls with grey glaze, Chinese characters on bottom of each bowl

Embroidered Picture

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.01
  • Pièce

Silk thread on silk backing. Picture is of Phoenix & dragon (looks more like a dog with a split tail) Phoenix is in beige thread, dragon in pink. There are flowers of various pastel colours.

Ginger Pot

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2008.13.6
  • Pièce

6-sided, mottled green glaze finish with embossed Chinese designs and characters

Ink Block Box

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.02
  • Pièce

Metal 2 piece box, with incised and blacked characters on the lid section

Jadeite Bracelet

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.04
  • Pièce

Polished jadeite rings connected by metal links with Chinese characters

Medicine Bottles

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.06
  • Pièce

Dragon Balm jar cap has English and Chinese, bottom has Chinese characters Tiger Balm jar cap has English and Chinese, sids of jar embossed with Chinese figures

Snuff Bottle

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.07
  • Pièce

Glass snuff bottle, with cap, with interior painted scenes of market and ships

Rice Bowl

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.13.08
  • Pièce

grey glaze with blue patterns

Flat Iron

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.09
  • Pièce

Cast iron, , no visible means of holding it or a place for a handle

Dowry Dishes

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.09
  • Pièce

2 sauce dishes each with white glaze with vines and flowers on the interior, and gold trim on rims Marked on the bottom with characters for "Fifth Child"

Tobacco Water Pipe

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.10
  • Pièce

Has personal seal on bottom, hanging seal on stem, tweezers for handling lit coal

Tin Can Stove

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.25
  • Pièce

Small chimney attached at top corner and holes punched through all around.

Ho Hsien-Ko Statue

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2013.02.03
  • Pièce

Porcelain female figure in colourful patterned kimono.

Soy Pot

  • CA LYTT LYTT_1998.24
  • Pièce

Main body dark brown, glazed; base unfinished


  • CA LYTT LYTT_2009.08
  • Pièce

Grey glaze with blue leaves on exterior and rings and 'quarter note' inside.


  • CA LYTT LYTT_2000.14.04
  • Pièce

Pale green clear glass, bubbles in glass, and crooked neck. Chinese characters embossed on shoulder. No marks on bottom.

Boar Bones

  • CA LYTT LYTT_2005.11.02
  • Pièce

A selection from a large number of boar bones recovered - jaw, ribs, tusks, leg

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