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Photograph of Wong Mui

  • CA CHL CHL_1999.029.069.009
  • Item
  • 1966-5-4

Photograph shows Wong Mui, a Chinese girl from Hong Kong, who has been financially adopted through the Foster Parents Plan by Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Batty of Chilliwack. The photograph was published in the Chilliwack Progress newspaper on page 24, May ...

The Chilliwack Progress

Higginson family fonds

  • CA CHL CHL_ Add. Mss 866
  • Fonds

The fonds consists of plans, surveyor's notes, title deeds, a contract between James A. Higginson and Huey Chung, a Chinese labourer on the Higginson farm, for use of a portion of the north-east corner comprising twenty-six acres, receipts fo...

Higginson family

Group portrait of the Yip On family

  • CA CHL CHL_007642
  • Item
  • [ca. 1903 to 1916]

Photograph consists of a formal studio group portrait of the Yip On family. Image shows the young couple with their two children. Child sitting between couple is seen holding on to a small toy, possibly a dog, with left hand. Father also has ri...

Group portrait around table

  • CA CHL CHL_003561
  • Item

The photograph shows several men and women seated at dinner table, outdoors with Chinese servant.

Booen, James Orville

Chilliwack Heritage Advisory Committee fonds

  • CA CHL CHL_Add. Mss. 815
  • Fonds
  • 1981-1990

The fonds consists of files of buildings of historical significance, subject files, an essay entitled: "Chinatown - Chilliwack" on the history of the Chinese community in Chilliwack, and a map of Chilliwack showing settlement pattern, 18...

Chilliwack Heritage Advisory Committee


  • CA CHL CHL_1991.033.005a-b
  • Item

CM 4470 Chinese Silk Dress The top has purple background with orange embroidery, trim and lining. Embroidery consists of trees, mountains, boat, bridge and pagoda. 27.5 mm slit up either side. Front ties and knots for fastening attached to rosette...


  • CA CHL CHL_2007.005.001
  • Item

Storage Trunk Wooden trunk; painted shiny black; 4 rectangular metal hinges at back; 2 metal handles on sides of trunk that have hook like details and a round stopper; front has metal clasp with scalloped edge detail (15.5cm L x 13cm H); right sid...

Cover, Table

  • CA CHL CHL_1997.053.001
  • Item

CM 5284 Table Cover Round cream coloured cotton table cover with scalloped edge; floral embroidered pattern in a darker cream.

Shovel, Trenching

  • CA CHL CHL_1993.021.001
  • Item

CM 4699 Trenching Shovel Rectangular silver coloured cracked blade; handle meets shovel with 17.5cm wide lip; dark silver on one side, light silver on reserve side.

Bottle, Chinese Medicine

  • CA CHL CHL_1991.013.003a-b
  • Item

CM 4307 Medicine Bottle (a) green clear glass; bubbled; blown cylinder tapered slightly to base; rounded shoulder; crack through body visible; (b) sheer top neck broken away from body; vertical sided tube; rim of spout broken away and missing.

Bottle, Chinese Medicine

  • CA CHL CHL_1991.013.002
  • Item

CM 4306 Medicine Bottle Clear glass; bubbled; Chinese characters (?) barely visible in glass on round base; vertical sides; one/third bottle's height is the neck and spout; brown shrunken cork inside.

Bottle, Chinese Medicine

  • CA CHL CHL_1991.013.001
  • Item

CM 4305 Medicine Bottle Clear glass; bubbled; Chinese (?) characters on round base; vertical sides; one/third bottle's height is neck and spout.

Racks, Mah Jongg

  • CA CHL CHL_1990.054.001
  • Item

CM 3702b Mah Jongg Racks Long beige box with one corner of the lid being ripped. There are no markings except for tape around the edge at the bottom. The lid lifts off and inside the box are 4 Mah Jongg Racks. The racks are long with a little shel...


  • CA CHL CHL_1990.028.002a-f
  • Item

CM 4186 Pipe Six nickel [?] pieces fitted together; pipe (A) with long slender neck vertical from six-sided base container; small spout protrudes vertically from this; neck at 45 degree angle just before upper end; tobacco [?] container. (B) six-s...


  • CA CHL CHL_1990.028.001
  • Item

CM 4185 Abacus Finished two compartment wood rack; smaller, upper section has two rows of wood beads [counters]; lower has five; all beads on parallel bamboo [?] rods fitted into rack lengthwise; rack held together by brass corners nailed on; wood...


  • CA CHL CHL_1988.027.006
  • Item

CM 3812 Fan White feathers painted with water-colours in floral design with two parrots(?) in bright green, dark blue and red; enhanced with gold paint; wax(?) pattern dribbled on; silvery-gold paint applied on top; feathers attached to open cut-w...


  • CA CHL CHL_1988.027.005
  • Item

CM 3811 Fan Green blue paper with water-colour floral design in dark green, light pink, dark pink and blue with silver veins on leaves and metallic brown band along top edge; paper glued to thin wooden struts attached to ivory struts near base/han...


  • CA CHL CHL_1988.027.004
  • Item

CM 3810 Handkerchief White, sheer silk, embroidered floral pattern in light purple, light blue, white, light pink and green; and cranes in white, black and purple; scalloped edges in medium pink edge stitch.

Scarf, Table

  • CA CHL CHL_1988.003.002
  • Item

CM 3703 Table Scarf Silk with embroidery; square off-white, with pale pink, blue, gray, green floral and bird designs in Chinese style.


  • CA CHL CHL_1988.003.001
  • Item

CM 3702a Mah-Jongg Game Set Wood, brass ?, ivory, bamboo, ink, paper; wood cabinet with front door that slides upwards that reads: "Sparrow Set / Nade [sic] in China; cabinet has five drawers; top four drawers contain 36 ivory and bamboo tile...

Can, Spray

  • CA CHL CHL_1987.035.001
  • Item

CM 3598 Spray or Watering Can Cylindrical container, closed top and bottom; raised hole in top; tube-like piece soldered across top; with narrow end next to small hole in top; wider end extends past edge of top. Made by Jon Cheung; with two Chines...

Bottle (Grave Marker)

  • CA CHL CHL_1985.035.002a-d
  • Item

CM 1747 Bottle (Grave Marker) Green glass bottle; crown top; 2 piece of cork and wooden marker inside bottle; wooden marker shows Chinese characters on both sides.

Bottle (Grave Marker)

  • CA CHL CHL_1985.035.001a-c
  • Item

CM 1746 Bottle (Grave Marker) Clear glass bottle with cork; intact cork; fluted-neck of bottle; containing roll of muslin/canvas with writing evident.

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